Epublishing’s Real Numbers Preview – WG2E Style

Humpty Dumpty

Welcome to The WG2E’s Epublishing Real Numbers Preview! Let’s begin by putting our Real Numbers Goal into perspective.  And there’s no better way to say it than to rely on good ‘ole Humpty Dumpty…yep, this Humpty Dumpty: So here’s the scoop…think of the Traditional Publishing World as Humpty Dumpy.  Yeah.  That’s right.  They’ve taken a [...]

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What are DRM and Non-DRM files?

The launch of The WG2E website comes at just the right time for many of you.  Statistics show that eReaders were one of the most gifted items during the holiday 2010 holiday season.  We’re willing to bet that a lot of those new eReader owners opened up their boxes, flipped the device this way and [...]