WG2E’s Real Numbers: Pushed To Sales Nirvana By Kindle Nation Daily

Humpty Dumpty Pushed

Perhaps Humpty Dumpty was pushed off his old wall – like this fabulous cartoon suggests.  And damn, I hope so!  ‘Cause in D. D. Scott-ville, there’s never ever been anything close to the sales nirvana I’ve reached after being “pushed”…”pushed” as in Kindle Nation Daily “pushed”!!! So, as I’ve promised you, following last week’s description [...]

Categorizing Your Way To Amazon’s Bestseller Lists (Part One)


Thanks to my Go-To Format Guy Rob Siders of 52 Novels and an article from Publetariat – a fabulous resource I discovered on Twitter - I’ve learned how to Categorize My Way To Amazon’s Bestseller Lists Categorizing is part of the procedure you use when you upload your books to Amazon’s KDP (formerly known as DTP).  Here’s [...]

Epublishing News Round-Up: Amazon DTP is now KDP

News Round-up Image

In today’s WG2E Epublishing News Round-Up, we’re talking about Amazon rebranding their Indie Epub tool from Amazon’s DTP (Digital Text Platform) to their new KDP which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. So in a nutshell, Amazon DTP is now KDP. And there are some fabulous blogs out there venturing educated guesses at why the change and [...]

Launching Istoria Books, a New Digital Publishing House, by Libby Sternberg

Here at WG2E, we love to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  What better way to get information than by going directly to the source?  Today, we have guest Libby Sternberg, founder of Istoria Books, a brand new digital publishing house. Istoria Books also has a blog.  We asked her to enlighten [...]

WG2E’s Real Numbers: Writing Series Rocks Ebook Sales!


Here at The WG2E, we’re giving you tons of Tips and Tricks to boost your Ebook sales…and boy do I have one of the best ones I know of to share with you today. If you want your Ebook sales to rock, write and publish series!!! And let me give you my Real Numbers to back [...]