WG2E’s Real Numbers: The Victorine Method (99 Cent Price Point) Rocks Over the Moon!!!


Happy Monday, All! If me and Humpty Dumpty could jump over the moon with that amazing cow, we sooo would be!!! The results of my 99 Cent Price Point Experiment – now known as The Victorine Method according to the KindleBoard dedicated to it – are in!  And what a super-success story it is!!! Here’s [...]

From Royal Butt-Chewing to Gold Mine

lemonade from lemons

Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! I just had to share this personal experience with you as proof that you can always make lemonade from lemons and/or turn a royal butt-chewing into a gold mine during your writing-for-publication careers. So…here’s the set-up on what happened to me this last weekend… For several weeks now, I’ve been tagging @Amazon [...]

Epublishing News Round-Up: The 99 Cent Price Point

V Lieske Cover

Last Thursday I read a blog post that I can now,  truly say, forever-changed my writing-for-publication career projectory. Here’s the post by fabulous Indie Epub Author Victorine Lieske: My Publishing Journey In this Guest Post she did for J.A. Konrath’s A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing , Victorine tells her experience after she dropped her book – NOT [...]

Karma and an Insider’s Take on e-Publishing

This is a site about ePublishing, so I won’t bore you too much with karma, other than to say that I believe in it. A while back, right here on WG2E, I wrote about Books on Board, the BIGGEST online independent bookseller.  Then, sometime later, I was asked, along with rockstar Kentucky girl Tonya Kappes [...]

WG2E’s Real Numbers: Knowledge is Power (Part Two)

Humpty Dumpty Dancing

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Humpty Dumpty is no longer just sitting on his new wall, he’s jumpin’ on top of the damn thing!!!  Why?  Because he’s just that excited about what he’s now learned!!! For today’s WG2E Real Numbers Feature, I want to add to our fabulous Misa Ramirez‘s Tuesday post Knowledge is Power. I took [...]