The 99 Cent Ebook Price Point: One Month Results


Here’s a WG2E Real Numbers Update, coming on the heels of my 99 Cent Price Point having now been in effect for just over one month. On February 17th, my 99 Cent Price Point went live on Amazon Kindle for BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS – Book One of my Bootscootin’ Books Series – think Sex and The [...]

Lost at Sea vs WG2E and “Therapy”


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! As you know, each week, The WG2E gives a big ‘ole shout-out to one or more blogs, articles or videos that have really been pivotal in describing, explaining and/or analyzing the new publishing world. This week, we’ve found a poignant story of one such writer’s struggles in this new, and very [...]

WG2E Guest Bailey Bristol

I’m thrilled to be hosting debut author, Bailey Bristol on WG2E today.  She’s talking about her journey to publishing.  Welcome, Bailey! To Thine Own Genre be True?? by Bailey Bristol If you do thirty seconds of sleuthing on author Bailey Bristol, you’ll see that she…that is, I…am a newly published first-time author. I’ve been writing [...]

Welcome to The WG2E…Karen Cantwell!!!

Take the Monkeys and Run Cover

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land!   And what a treat we have to help us all kick-off the new week…   Another WG2E “Writers Making Choices” Interview!!!   Please welcome Superstar Indie Epub Author Karen Cantwell…the author of one of my new, all-time fave reads TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN .   Check out Karen’s fabulous book video for all [...]

Amazon Rankings: A Quant I Am Not…But Author Terrence O’Brien Is!

Templar Concordant Cover

 Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! One of my business-side-of-writing goals this year is to learn all I can about the Amazon-Kindle World we Epubbed Authors flourish in. And one of the topics I’m curious and most intrigued by is the Amazon Ranking Systems – whether that be Sales Rankings, Recommendations (i.e. Customers Who Bought This, Might Also Like [...]