Under The Covers…As In Ebook Covers…When You’re Writing a Series

Ohhhh yeahhh, WG2E-Land, I am sooo Happy Dancin’ today!!! Here’s the reason… My next cover is ready, and here it is… And what a grand, kick-off cover for my new, Cozy Cash Mystery Series! Bravo to my fantabulous designer Shelley of Webcrafters Design!!! You rock, Shelley!!! Now…here’s a little something special and super-sweet about these Cozy [...]

Welcome to The WG2E…Amanda Brice!


Happy Friday, WG2E-Land! Talk about one fantabulous treat to take us “dancing” right into our weekend…today, we’re welcoming to The WG2E Debut Indie Epub Author Amanda Brice, author of Codename:  Dancer (A Dani Spevak Mystery) I brought Amanda to The WG2E because (1) I happen to really like her and her writing and (2) she has [...]

What Is The Agent’s Role in Indie Epublishing?

question mark

Talk about one hot, Indie Epubbing topic… What Is The Agent’s Role in Indie Epublishing? I’m going to do an entire series of post on this beyond timely topic, but…for today… Let’s start with this interesting article my friend and fellow writer and reader @Pj Schott tuned me into: Agents Warn Publishers Over Digital Rates What [...]

How Do You Choose Books to Read?

It’s only Tuesday, but I’m doing a WRAP UP today of goings-on in my world.  I loved DD’s post yesterday about the Long Tail.  I’ve got a series of guest posts lined up to support A Deadly Curse.  I’ll be interested to see how these blog spots influence sales, both immediately and for the Long [...]

Ebook Sales: The Long Tail

iStock_000008733550XSmallDinosaur Tail

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Over the course of many of our “Writers Making Choices” Interviews, you’ve heard many Indie Epub Authors mention that it’s not just the sales boosts we get from fantabulous blogs like Pixel of Ink and Kindle Nation Daily, but rather the “long tail” of sales that will define us as authors. But what [...]