Blending Outreach and Marketing for the best Long Reach in Book Promotion

When I started Books on the House, I had one goal in mind: Create a site that would bring readers to books and would let authors find new readerships for their work. Little did I know that what I was doing was bridging the basic concepts of marketing with outreach. In a little more than [...]

Let’s Support Our Troops – WG2E Style!!!


Happy Memorial Day, WG2E-Land! Not only are we paying tribute to our fantabulous service men and women today…we’re paying it forward too… How? By giving what we can to make their time away from their homes, families and friends a wee bit easier to bear… And what can we here at the WG2E give? Books…lots and lots of [...]

Multi-Media and Enhanced Ebooks


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! One of the ways many traditionally pubbed authors are fighting back against their publishers - who refuse to release the rights to their back-list books - is to invoke and exercise their multi-media rights. Luckily, many of these authors’ agents had reserved these rights for their authors. But what is a Multi-Media and/or Enhanced Ebook…and [...]

Amazon Ventures into Publishing; Are they Cornering the Market?

I read an interesting article recently about Amazon developing an editorial team and acquiring books. They are going to launch in the fall by publishing romances, starting with a book by Connie Brockaway. I’m conflicted about this because I don’t like the idea that one company is cornering multiple markets within a single industry.  Are [...]

Amazon Kindle is King!


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! To kick-off our week, I’m making a proclamation… Amazon Kindle is King! How did I arrive at this? Well…I analyzed my Ebook Sales across all distribution channels – Kindle, Smashwords, Nook (via Smashwords), Sony (via Smashwords), Kobo (via Smashwords), iPad (via Smashwords), and Nook (via Pub It) – and arrived at this [...]