Scene Rescue – with Ruth and Michael Harris – When Collaborators Disagree


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! In today’s Indie Epub World, the opportunities for collaboration are exciting and endless! For example, Tonya, Lee and I are partnering with Bestselling UK Author Talli Roland for a Christmas Anthology. The WG2E’s own Mark Williams has asked Tonya and I to be part of an upcoming anthology he’s putting together. [...]

The Indie Epub Journey: Defying Gravity


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my ten-plus-year writing-for-publication journey, it’s that, in order to survive and thrive, you’ve got to harness your inner Elphaba and Defy Gravity!!! But here’s the secret…you’ve got to Defy Gravity in your own way, whether that’s the “normal” publishing industry approved way or not. One of my [...]

Trans-Atlantic Weather Forecast: Two’s Company. Three’s A Cloud.


Have you ever read a fiction book that has given you an idea for something totally different that you could do in real life? I did. Many months back I stumbled across YA fantasy author Megg Jensen. She had this book out called Anathema, and it opens with a shaven-headed slave girl, about to be [...]

Judging a Cover by Its Book or Cruising on the Learning Curve

Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland

Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! Please join me in welcoming back to The WG2E, the A-mazing Barbara Silkstone!!! Take it away, Barb… Judging a Cover by Its Book or Cruising on the Learning Curve  By Barbara Silkstone  My first fractured fairy tale, The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters was doing well, happily [...]

Amazon KDP Attention Required Tickets


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! Yesterday, I woke-up to the following email from Amazon KDP: Attention Required: B005HEEZXC Lip Glock Ticket 11359461‏ Dear Publisher, During a quality assurance review of your title,  we have found the following issue(s): Typo/formatting issues exist that may have been caused by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) problem. For example, ol’ [...]