An International Indie Epublishing “Trick” to “Treat” Readers Across The Pond


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land, and Happy Halloween Too!!! I thought I’d share with ya a little “Trick” I’m using to “Treat” Readers across the pond (as in the UK)… Trick: If you want to increase your readership across the pond, try making your first Ebook in a series Free! Treat: You’re treating your readers by making [...]

Forward To The Future. Tomorrow Always Comes.


Happy Halloween 2012! Okay, I know it’s still 2011. Bear with me. It’s also less than eight weeks ’til Christmas (yes, in the UK we still call it Christmas – what is all this crap about “Happy Holidays” anyway?). So let’s talk about last August. Official AAP figures just released this week show ebook sales [...]

Making the Big Move


Well, it’s all over… and just beginning. Last week, while D.D. Scott was stepping in to post in my time slot here on the WG2E (thanks again D.D.), I was loading and driving a U-Haul truck 1,000+ miles from Boston to Midwestern cattle country. So now, instead of sirens, I hear tree frogs, crickets and [...]

10 Years and 24 Hours to Indie Epublishing Success: The Time/Commitment Dilemma


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! As many of you know, in April 2012, I’m releasing my next non-fiction book 10 Years and 24 Hours to Indie Epublishing Success. I’ve been keeping a journal of my Indie Epub Journey, and many of the entries from that journal I’ll use to kick-off various topics in the book. But thanks to [...]

Cover Story: Getting it Right

The Hating Game - Cover

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here in London, it’s a brilliantly sunny day with lovely crisp leaves drifting through the air and happy city-dwellers skipping merrily down the pavement. Right, now onto reality! We all know how important covers are. As indie authors, the cover might be our one chance to hook the reader straight away. As [...]