Indie-Epublishing…A Canadian Perspective!

Gordon Kirkland

Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land!!! We’ve got a treat for ya today…from North of The Border…and I’m tellin’ ya…the guy has some of my all-time fave book titles…but anyhoo… Welcome to The WG2E, Amazon Bestselling Canadian Author Gordon Kirkland!   Writing North Of The Border Gordon Kirkland I have a confession to make. I am a [...]

With a Little Help from the ‘Zon

Amazon email

Last week, Mark Williams posted on technical issues authors can face — with resulting profit losses — when publishing with Amazon. Today, I want to talk about some of the ways Amazon helps drive your sales. Last Wednesday, I got some lovely tweets and emails from friends, telling me they received an email from Amazon [...]

Ebook Bestseller Lists: Seeing Is Not Believing, Believing Is Seeing

Santa Clause Movie Snow Globe

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Coming out of a holiday weekend full of superfab holiday movies, I found myself stuck on this wonderful concept from Disney’s “The Santa Clause” movie (the first in the Tim Allen-starring franchise): “Seeing Is Not Believing, Believing Is Seeing” Remember the Snow Globe that served as the basis for this theme? Here’s [...]

How much does a 99c ebook cost on Amazon?


No, it’s not a trick question. Fact is, Amazon may not be selling your 99c ebook for 99c. It may well be selling your 99c ebook for $3.50, and pocketing most of the difference. For those of you lucky enough to have strong sales from the US market it’s perhaps not something you’ve ever given [...]

Holiday Anthologies Can Rock Your Readership to Entire New Levels!!!

Madness Mistletoe Promo Cover

Happy Holidays, WG2E-Land!!! And yes, I know it’s a wee bit early… Or is it?! It sure isn’t too early to rock your Ebook Sales with Holiday Anthologies!!! Talk about a superfab fun way to build your readership… Think Holiday Anthologies all-the-way!!! That’s exactly what The WG2E’s own Tonya Kappes, Talli Roland, Lee Lopez and [...]