The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies Winter Wonderland Edition is Here!!!

Happy New Year and Welcome to… THE WG2E ALL-FOR-INDIES ANTHOLOGIES (WINTER WONDERLAND EDITION) Now Available on: Amazon Nook Smashwords When just one year ago, we brainstormed The WG2E – The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing – your destination site for all-things-Epublishing, we never in our wildest, most spectacular dreams imagined we’d end up creating a site [...]

Welcome to The WG2E…Lois Lavrisa!!!


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! As many of you have been reminding us in recent days, there are a ton of you who are now superfab WG2E-Land Peeps and who are also brand new to Indie Epublishing. With that in mind, I noticed it had been a while since we’d had a Guest who talks about [...]

Who Will Be the Next Generation of E-Readers?


I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season so far! Surrounded by family, gifts, and (of course) books, I couldn’t help wondering what the future of e-reading holds. By all accounts, this season should be a bumper. But just who is buying all those ebooks? The setting: A double-decker bus lurching through Notting Hill [...]

Indie Epublishing 2012: D. D. Scott’s Predictions

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Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Can y’all believe we’re less than one week away from welcoming in 2012?! And that got me to thinking… Indie Epublishing 2012…What Will It Mean for Indie Epub Authors? First, let me set the scene… One year ago today – so December 26, 2010 – I had Indie Epubbed/Self-Published my first 3 [...]

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to anyone checking in today. Needless to say there’s no “proper” post on this special day, just a fleeting hi and goodbye. For those of you stuck in the real world of  grey skies and cold weather, I can only sympathise, but I’m sure that behind closed doors everything is wonderfully warm and [...]