D. D. Scott’s Twelve Mantras of the Indie Epublishing Journey

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Happy Thursday, WG2E-Land! With just a few days left till the release of my new non-fiction book I thought I’d share one of my Secrets to Indie Epublishing Success… THE TWELVE MANTRAS OF THE INDIE EPUB JOURNEY I use these Twelve Mantras every day to save myself from jumping off the proverbial cliff of sanity. I [...]

Welcome to The WG2E…Taylor Lee of Indie Book Collective (IBC) and Free Par-Tay


May for me is graduation, kids moving home from college, end of the year school and team events and more –an overall jam-packed month.  It has been fun but crazy busy.  I do hope all of you in WG2E land are doing great and gearing up for the lazy days of summer As far as [...]

What’s In A Name?

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Indie author or self-published: which one describes you? Recently, I read a blog post by agent Sarah La Polla in which she decries self-publishers using ‘indie author’. Self-publishers, she says, should not hijack the term used to describe independent, small press publishing, simply because they’re keen to escape the stigma of going it alone. Hunh? [...]

The Taleist Self-Publishing Survey Results Are In!!!


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land!!! Here’s a must-read Self-Publishing Survey and really the only scoop of its kind… On Amazon I mentioned in late February 2012 that the wonderful peeps at The Taleist Blog were conducting this survey…and now, the results are in and have been published for us all to digest. This survey was a 60+ [...]

Ten Secrets To Better Fiction


1. Make your main character want something real. And they must want something that is a concrete, external object.  Don’t confuse motivation with goal.  Motivation is why they want it.  We can’t see motivation.  We can the goal. 2. Make your main character be in action. Think of the opening of your book like the [...]