To Sustain Your Indie Epublishing Empire, Think The Multiples of Ten Factor!

Panel of judges

Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land Peeps! Lately, we’ve seen a bunch of commiseration over the fact that Amazon sales are, in general, not what they used to be. And we’ve talked about a big reason for that being the impact of KDP Select, which basically amounts to “Why would readers buy Ebooks on Amazon when they know [...]

The Chronicled Adventures of D. D. Scott’s Sam the Intern


TGIF, WG2E-Land Peeps! Here’s a fun way to kick-off the weekend… Check out The Chronicled Adventures of Sam the Intern! A few weeks ago, I shared with you that I’d hired an Intern for D. D. Scott-ville, The WG2E and The RG2E. (Here she is with her really terrific boyfriend Kevin ) Y’all quickly dubbed [...]

Goodreads doing good


Not so long ago, I found myself grumbling about how us authors and readers had to “save” books on Goodreads before they were lost in the website’s system. It’s sometimes easy to feel like an insignificant blip dealing with a faceless, unapproachable mega entity. But more recently while I was surfing around the website, I [...]

Writers Need Vacations Too!

Auto Camper. Motor Home

Before I left for vacation, I submitted this WG2E post to DD. By the time this post is up, I may be in Minnesota. On the other hand, I may be on the eleven-hour car ride back from Minnesota to Illinois for the last part of our vacation. So please accept my apologies if it [...]

The Work Ethic of Indie Authors


I’ve never met a bunch of harder working people than indie authors who are dedicated to releasing quality books, always keeping readers at the forefront of their minds. Writing on the weekends, through holidays, late at night — never mind all the marketing, business admin, and various other sundry, tedious tasks — I’m constantly amazed [...]