Ebook Sales Increases and Strategies are Not Get Rich Quick Wunderkinds


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Several times over the past few weeks, I’ve read in your fabulous comments how disheartened many of you are when you try advice and examples you’re given here on The WG2E, and you don’t see an overnight change in your Ebook Sales. Or, you do in fact see an immediate bump in [...]

“Reader Behavior is in flux”…According to Digital Book World’s Discoverability and Marketing Conference in NYC


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! This past week, in New York City, Digital Book World‘s (DBW) Discoverability and Marketing Conference was held, and WG2E Team Members Bob Mayer and Jen Talty were there! In fact, you can read about Bob’s first day impressions here: Day One Recap After reading Bob’s scoop and all of the other articles [...]

Theresa Ragan on Signing with Thomas & Mercer


Selling my Lizzy Gardner series to Thomas & Mercer (an Amazon imprint) has been a great experience so far… and here’s why: It was easy and fun to negotiate my own contract Terms and royalties are higher than most publishers My first Publishing Agreement was signed by Jeff Bezos and is framed and sitting on [...]

Seeing Stars on Goodreads


Are you an author who never looks at your book reviews? Or are you constantly checking the sites and tweeting about your newest review? I try to take a middle-of-the road approach and look at my reviews occasionally, or when my husband yells at me from the other room: “You’ve got another review!” I try [...]

Idea Avalanche: When Writers Have Too Many Ideas

Avalanche sign picture

We have all heard of writer’s block in which an author is blocked/loses the capacity to produce new work. Some of us may have experienced this stagnation of writing. In addition, you know the frustration of trying to work through the block to get the ideas and writing flowing. What happens if you have the [...]