The RG2E – The WG2E’s Sister Site – is Back…Following a Major WordPress Snafu!


Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land!!! The RG2E – The WG2E’s Sister Site – is back…following a major WordPress Snafu!!! I pulled up our sister site late Saturday night, December 22nd, and it was gone! Just like that, without an email or warning of any kind, WordPress’ spam engines had decided we were basically “selling” items, and being [...]

WG2E Guest Karla Darcy on “Rising Above Not Knowing What You’re Doing” in Your Indie Epublishing Journey


Please help me give a Wonderful WG2E Welcome and Shout-out to our guest, Karla Darcy, who’s sharing her tips on Rising Above Not Knowing What You’re Doing in Your Indie Epublishing Journey. Indie Publishing is really scary! It’s like walking a tightrope without a net. I’m a writer and never thought I’d have to learn [...]

WG2E Guest Angela Brown (WG2E Write Well Series): In Your Life’s Tag Cloud…Remember “You”

Angela B 2012 Ferrell Photography

Please give a Big Ol’ WG2E Welcome to our Guest, Angela Brown! She’s got fabulous scoop to share with us as part of our new WG2E Write Well Series! We can’t produce great writing and run successful epublishing empires for the long term if we don’t take care of ourselves along the way… Imagine life [...]

Amazon Bestselling Author Theresa Ragan’s “Writing 101″


After writing for 20 years, I have learned that some things never change What works for one author, might not work for another Nobody knows what genre is going to be “hot” next week or next year It’s all about characters and story, so concentrate on writing the stories that bring you joy Word of [...]

A Goodreads Success Story – From Goodreads to Glory


A great place to learn more about what’s going on at Goodreads is the site’s blog at where Goodreads staff discuss everything from the recent readers’ choice awards to site updates. Recently on the blog, yet another article was posted about that popular question all of us authors ask about Goodreads: How can we [...]