How To Use Goodreads…as a Reader


I’ve gotten a few requests to go over the basics of Goodreads, how to use the site. Using the site as a reader will help you understand how to use it better as an author, also. Goodreads is a site that’s all about readers – readers sharing what books they like and don’t like, readers [...]

Exploring Characterization using Oblique Details

silver alarm clock picture

Let’s take a character and put these items on their nightstand: Scattered dried yellow rose petals Whiskey filled shot glass Reading glasses One dog-eared book of baby names A bottle of Melatonin One bottle of extra strength Tylenol Lavender pillow spray .38 special revolver A brass lamp with a torn yellowed lampshade A small silver [...]

Are You a Paperback Writer?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Reading last week’s comments on what you’d like to see here on WG2E, I was struck by the questions on CreateSpace and the like. Why? Because releasing paperbacks has been so far from my mind lately, I put all relating issues right out of my head. Out of the three novels I’ve [...]

The WG2E Street Team’s Anthology Team Announces Submission Guidelines for their next Anthology!


The WG2E Street Team is starting work on a new anthology. Submissions will be open to the public until March 31, 2013. The anthology’s release is scheduled for Summer 2013. Submission Guidelines: Each short story must be less than 10,000 words. 1 inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman font Author Name should not be anywhere [...]

What does it take to hit #1 on Amazon


Let’s qualify– #1 in a major genre.  Today my book Area 51 is the #1 science fiction bestseller on Kindle.  It’s #48 overall.  As the gold rush wanes in indie publishing, I want to lay out what it took to achieve that, and remember, it is fleeting but it does set a solid base. Writing [...]