Self-Publishing for Beginners: My Ebook is Ready to Upload so Where Do I Upload It and What Should I Prepare Ahead of Time?


First of all, a big ol’ Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! And Happy Spring to everyone!!! Now then…if you’re brand new to Self-Publishing, here are a few tips on Where to Upload Your Ebook and What to Prepare Ahead of Time. 1. Prepare your Upload Descriptions ***Note: I do this ahead [...]

Having Trouble Getting Your Ebooks from Smashwords to Apple? Try Draft2Digital!


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! Fabulous WG2E Team Member Sibel Hodge recently blogged about a new Ebook Platform – Draft2Digital Draft2Digital – A New Ebook Distributor in Town I’ve been having a ton of trouble lately with Smashwords getting my books to Apple. For example, to date, after three rounds of emails with them and still no [...]

Breaking News: Amazon to Acquire Goodreads


TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! Got some Breaking News for ya… Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from one of Amazon’s PR Peeps letting me know that Amazon has acquired Goodreads! Wow, right?! Here’s the official Amazon Press Release: to acquire Goodreads I luuuvvved this quote from the article: “I just found out my two favorite people [...]

Authors: What Do You Do When a Reader Asks You For a Free Copy of Your Book?


I’ve blogged before about giving away books on Goodreads ( But I recently heard a couple different authors mention that they’ve been contacted by Goodreads members following a giveaway. The readers, even though they didn’t win the giveaway, are asking for a free book copy. About Goodreads giveaways: The site allows authors to give away [...]

How Does the Lawsuit against Harlequin’s Novel THE PROUD WIFE affect writers/authors?


An unpublished author brought a case against HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES, LTD. Please be forewarned that I do not have any legal experience. Therefore, I am not able to summarize the case as precisely and accurately as someone with law knowledge can.  However, this case has been buzzing on a loop I am on and I think [...]