Authors Connecting with Readers: What’s Your Style?

What is your favorite way to interact online with your readers? And how do you know what readers prefer?

Do you join in conversations on Goodreads? Or Google +? Yahoo groups?

Some authors swear by newsletters. Others say their readers don’t like them.

I’ve noticed those who visit my website will more often leave a note in the contact box rather than leaving a comment on a blog post. Does that mean they don’t read blog posts? Or just that they don’t comment on them?

As a reader, I’ve often found new-to-me books on Twitter, but I’ve never contacted an author that way. So it came as a surprise when a reader actually began tweeting with me about my books, and it turned into a great conversation that drew in others.

Then there’s Pinterest. I know authors who love visual images and meet readers through boards that focus on a shared interest.

Pictures on a Facebook page can also start conversations. But while some readers seem to like sharing with an author whose life is filled with the same day-to-day challenges and laughs as their own, many want merely to say they liked a book and to ask when the next one is coming out.

So tell me, where do you connect with your readers? What do you talk about? And what kind of interactions do they like?

The best of WG2E reader-connect wishes to you —Alicia

Alicia Street is the author of Kiss Me, DancerTouch Me and TangoSnow DanceStars Love and PirouettesDance ‘n’ Luv Boxed Set , and Aphrodisiac. Alicia is proud to be a part of the WG2E family. Connect with Alicia at her  website and on Facebook.

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  1. Julie Day says:

    I sometimes connect on FB. On PInterest – lots of people have started following different boards of mine. So I think those two are the main ways I connect with readers and others sharing my interests.

  2. Most of my readers either reach out to me on Twitter or contact me via email. I’ve had some great conversations that have turned into friendships around the world. One of the best things about being an author is connecting with readers and making new friends. It’s so much fun!

  3. Angela Brown says:

    This is where me and the bouncing ball have yet to properly connect. I haven’t exactly found a place that seems to really be “the way” I connect with readers. Still working on finding what works for me.

  4. Christine M. says:

    Usually, I am contacted through Twitter which I like just fine. The conversations start out as small talk and grow from there. Just like real life. Terrific blog post. :)

  5. I’m just getting started publishing, but I mostly use facebook to connect with people. I comment on their pics or statuses and they do the same to mine. I’ve noticed I’ve had a lot more people contacting me about books or writing in general lately or even mentioning my writing. So I think that works pretty well. I’m not a big twitter or google+ user, but I do use them. I just feel I make more of a connection on fb.

    • Hi, Rhonda! I like the pics and status updates on FB, too. Great way to see what everyone is up to. But I don’t like the way they have begun limiting how many people see posts according to their calculations about who is responding to what. I’m also not big on Google + — but I’ve heard some good things about it and keep telling myself to spend some time getting more acquainted there.

  6. Tamara Ward says:

    Facebook and blogging… but not people coming to my blog but instead seeing the links to my blog on other social media sites, like Goodreads and Facebook. I ought to post on Google Plus… I really ought to!

  7. I seem to talk to more people on FB. I don’t tweet much, and not on Pinterest or do much on Goodreads. I should do more, but there’s too many other things for me to do. It would end up sucking up all my time and I’d get nothing written. One of these days I’ll get it figured out better. And then it’ll all change and I’ll be back to square one. LOL

    • So true, Stacey! I hate losing writing time while I struggle to learn a new networking system, only to see it change and send me back to square one!

  8. I think it depends on what you write! My first book came out just about two months ago now, and it is a Kansas historic true crime story. I’m finding that facebook has been a key way to draw people in because people share my page. “Look! This book is about Coffey County!” or “Isn’t that your grandmother’s last name?” I’ve used facebook and my blog to give supplemental materials to readers and potential readers, which has drawn people into the conversation. I’m finding the Coffey County historical society will sometimes share my posts, too, which has been a real boon. I love twitter and I have both facebook and my blog broadcasting to twitter, too.

    I think my book lends itself to interaction because people can connect to the story in a personal way. I don’t know that I would have had the same kind of interaction if I had written a space opera time travel novel featuring mutant giraffes.

    • Congrats on getting out your first book, Diane! Sounds great!

      Yes, I find that mutual interest plays a big part. I have a series featuring dancers, and my readers often write me with personal stories about their own love of dance or about a time when they were serious dancers themselves.

      However, the reading public is wonderfully broad, so I wouldn’t underestimate space opera time travel or mutant giraffes!

  9. So much to do, so little time! Right now, I barely have time for FB, but I spend most time there. I do have Pinterest boards, although haven’t connected to many that way, and I tweet. Although I still don’t “get” Twitter. I’d love to do more on Goodreads, but then, we need longer days :) .

  10. christina says:

    I do almost all of my connecting with readers via Facebook. Although I do use twitter as well. I also have a website and stop by pinterest from time to time

  11. Instagram is another place where I’ve connected with readers, but like you said, most comments are readers wanting to know when the next one is coming out. :)

  12. JamieSalisbury (@JamieRSalisbury) says:

    I have tried just about everything – still looking for that magic pill – Facebook is probably the best – I use Hootsuite to help me out when I’m out of town or have a lot going on. allows me to hit twitter and FB. . .

  13. J. Lawrence says:

    I’ve met new readers on both Goodreads and Twitter. I follow all my favorite fantasy authors and enjoy chatting about the various series stuff I am reading (there are tons of them I’ve picked up over the years). I really don’t spend a whole lot of time trying to tell people I’m a writer and that I have a book I’d love for them to be talking about. I just have fun and let them figure it out for themselves.