Bestselling Author Lois Lavrisa on Setting 2013 Author Goals

The New Year is breathing down on us, and for me, this means setting new “author” goals for the next twelve months.

I have made most of my goals for 2012. I had one full-length novel published. I wrote short stories for four anthologies. For twelve months I wrote bi-monthly as a team member here at WG2E. Additionally, I participated monthly in the Savannah writing/critique Pen & Ink group as well as served for the year as Vice President for the South Carolina chapter of Romance Writers of America. All of this while juggling the busyness of a family of four children.

So overall, not too bad for 2012. Yes, my original goals included having two more novels completed -as it turns out there was not enough time to get it all done. Instead, I am trying to focus on all that I did accomplish. That’s the glass is half full optimist in me :-)

However, now that we are days away from wrapping up 2012, I am ready to start the New Year with shiny new goals.

Now I am gearing up for my 2013 writing goals, which include writing three full length (albeit shorter 50K to 55K each) novels (a YA trilogy), writing short stories for two anthologies, and 24 posts (two monthly posts) as a team member here at WG2E.

I know that goals should not be written in stone. They need to be flexible because no one can predict what “life” events may happen that may derail anyone’s path. That is okay too. At least I have goals to aim for.

How about you, do you have writing/author goals? If so, please share them with us! Also, did you have goals for 2012 – and if you did – how did you do in meeting them?

The Best of 2013 Author Goal Wishes — Lois Lavrisa

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  1. Timely post, Lois! This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to. In 2012 I published two original novels (both over 100K words) eight months apart. My goal was to publish within six months, but given the length, I won’t be too hard on myself. I also published an eBook version of a backlist title, but I’d hoped to have three of these done. But as you said, goals aren’t set in stone.

    For 2013, I’d like to publish two shorter novels and one longer one, as well as try to publish three backlist titles (yes, again). One of the latter is already done; I’m just waiting for cover art. Another is halfway done (I have backlist titles scanned, but they require extensive proofing and in some cases, updating). All of my original novels are partially done, so this is not as daunting as it seems. Wish me luck!

    • Lois Lavrisa says:

      Bettye- firstly- congratulations on what you have accomplished this past year. And this is so true what you said you have to be flexible to0 “My goal was to publish within six months, but given the length, I won’t be too hard on myself.” And best wishes for fulfilling your goals for 2013 as well- it is going to be another great year:).

  2. Hi Lois,

    Congratulations on a great year in your writing career!

    I managed to make most of my goals in 2012, but that was partly because I’m only 20 months into writing. I wrote three full-length novels and got one epubbed (Finding Round) and am working on getting a second Epubbed by end of December. I also formed a local writers’ group when I found out we had no active group to join, and we are six months into that with 36 members.

    My goals for 2013 are: write 2 full-length novels, one will be the first in a series, the other will be a sequel to Treasure Life;

    I will try the head-banging agent-query route with the two new books, but if I don’t get any progress within 30 days of querying, both books will go up on Amazon (I’m becoming more and more convinced that it’s the smartest route to go, regardless of success with agents/publishers);

    I’m setting a goal of selling 1,000 books, which for me will be a great thing. I’ve only got one up for sale now, and really need to build my list, which includes creating solid marketing plans and executing them timely as the new books come out.

    I will continue with my writing group;

    I want to increase my interaction with people via internet resources – to promote my books, share knowledge and support fellow authors. I would love to find a site like WG2E that I can contribute to.

    I want to improve my blog and create a website.

    Best of luck to you and everyone here at WG2E with accompishing our goals in 2013!

    • Lois Lavrisa says:

      Sheri- way to go: “I’m only 20 months into writing. I wrote three full-length novels and got one epubbed (Finding Round) and am working on getting a second Epubbed by end of December.” Yahoo- looks like you are on your way to getting even more pubbed this year too. And you said “I would love to find a site like WG2E that I can contribute to.” I am sure that there will be a few posts (out of the 24 I am scheduled to write in 2013) that I may need a “guest ” to post on my day. Why not email me at loislavrisa(at) bellsouth.,net :)

  3. My goals for 2012 were to publish two novels, and I did! My goals for 2013 are to release my co-written horror book, then release three books in a comedy romance series that I’m currently plotting. I’m very excited about 2013 because I think many people have gotten e-readers for Christmas, and we’re going to see a surge in readers looking for e-books . . . let’s hope so, anyway!

    My main goal for 2013 is to write 2000-2500 words daily, rain or shine, come heck or high water. As D.D. says in her non-fiction book: BITCHOK–Butt In The Chair, Hands On Keyboard (LOVE that acronym–LOL–and I’m going to live by it this year!).

    • Lois Lavrisa says:

      Riley- Yahoo to you as well- “My goals for 2012 were to publish two novels, and I did!” way to go!! Keep it up- and best wishes to you as well for 2013:) I love your 200-2500 daily word count writing goals too- I may have to adopt a similar strategy too to met my 2013 goals:)

  4. Angela B says:

    Way to stick with the “glass half full” viewpoint as you did accomplish quite a bit for 2012.

    I’m not sure about making a year long goal. I got really brave last week in setting a goal of getting out a few novella and novel length projects in preparation for a project I’d like to have out in 2012. That was big for me because I’ve done very well sticking with my monthly goals.

    So I may look to setting monthly goals based upon my desired aspirations for the year and see where that leads me :-)

    • Lois Lavrisa says:

      Angela- I think that any type of goals whether weekly daily, monthly yearly or more are good to have a direction . Congratulations on your novellas and your other projects:)

  5. A.L. Gates says:

    I have been writing for almost 30 years (off and on) and finally E-published my first series of short stories during December. I’m looking forward to 2K13 and besides handling other responsibilities, am in the process of creating my 2K13 Goals and Values statement. It’s going to be a very good year!!!

  6. Zoe Dawson says:

    Yes, I have accomplished all the goals I made early in 2012. It was only March when I decided to self-publish. My goal was to get out the first two books in my Going to the Dogs series. Book #1 was released in September and Book #2 is getting it’s final edits and will be up by the end of December. I also wrote a book for Entangled Publishing that is now in the revision stage and will be out in 2013! And, finally a three-book proposal for Harlequin Romantic Suspense line under my Karen Anders pen name. All of this in ten months, so not bad for 2012. For 2013, I want to finish Book #3 and #4 in the Going to the Dog Series, write my second Entangled book, and finish the first book in my urban fantasy series in the fall. I like that goals are not set in stone. Going to remember that when I’m hip deep in all this wonderful writing.

    • Lois Lavrisa says:

      Zoe- whew! I was exhausted just reading all of the writing you did in 2012- wow- huge congratulations on all that you have accomplished:) And here is to a great 2013 too:)

  7. Julie Day says:

    My goal for this year was to reach as many readers as I could, and I did, by making my first ebook free. Once it was free, the numbers rocketed, and are still going up now. Next year’s goal will be to find new ways to reach more readers, whether in person or on line.

  8. Lois Lavrisa says:

    Julie- Great strategy on your first book:) best wishes for 2013:)

  9. Christina says:

    My plan was to have four fiction books out this year and I did it – three under my pen name and one under mine. I hadn’t counted on my non-fiction stuff growing, but it has, so I’m going to spend some time working on that in the new year. My 2013 goal is to have two more fiction books done plus my non-fiction work and a few workshops on craft. My focus in 2013 is going to be on writing new material but I want to get better about posting weekly on my blog. I want to spend at least an hour a day of my writing time writing new words and get it done first before anything else.

  10. D. D. Scott says:

    My main goal for 2012 was Reaching Readers, and that’s gonna be what it’s all about for me in 2013 too! I’m going to continue to write in multiple genres, a couple of new ones included, to tap into more and more new reader bases.

    I’m wanting to focus on building my base wider this year – crossing all sorts of genre lines – as well as deeper, but primarily wider.

    And for the first time, I’m going to try to do this not so much by marketing me and my brand – although, I do have a couple of unique approaches I’m working on for that. I’m going to focus on my writing and tapping into new markets because of my content and “craft”…more on that “craft” twist soon! :-)

    P.S. Congrats too, Lois, on having a stellar year as a debut bestselling author!!!

  11. Michael Harvey says:

    Now that I am a tad older (73) than I once was I find myself wondering how I can best help others to “Preserve a Legacy” in print, ebook or video. I’ve learned how to publish with CreateSpace. SmashWords is just about conquered and I have created over three dozen short videos using Photo story 3 and donated them to a University Historical Collection. There are literally hundreds of older people with valuable Legacies that should be Preserved. At funerals we often here people talking about the rich and rewarding life of the dearly departed and what a shame it is that all of that personal history is now lost. I am going to approach administrators of local Nursing Homes, Elder-Care Units, Senior Citizen Centers to engage their residents / tenants in collecting stories, photos and memories to Preserve those Legacies in print, ebooks and photo videos. Any hints or ideas on the best approach? I really like WG2E.