Categorizing Your Way to Amazon’s Bestseller Lists (Part Three)

Okay, WG2E-Land…here we go with the last post in my series on Categorizing Your Way to Amazon’s Bestseller Lists.

For Parts One and Two, click on the following links:

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And here we go with Part Three…

For this post, I’m giving you all the scoop on actually using everything you learned in Parts One and Two when you actually go to upload your book to Amazon’s KDP.  

I’m coming at this from having just done this myself yesterday for the release of Book Three in my Bootscootin’ Books Series BUCKLES ME BABY.

BUCKLES ME BABY (for Kindle)

BUCKLES ME BABY (on Smashwords for your nook, Sony, Kobo, or iPad)

First, I can now answer your earlier questions regarding ‘can you only choose two categories now on Amazon’s KDP instead of 5′, and that answer is yes…you get only 2 categories.  So all the more reason to discover what categories are best for your book!

So…now that you have your categories narrowed down to what you think will maximize your shot at making Amazon’s Bestseller Lists, here’s what you do with that data at upload time:

On the first page of your upload screens, you’ll see a section called Browse and Search.

When you click there, you’ll see a variety of Categories and then be prompted to Add Categories.

Keep in mind, that the Categories you see in this list do NOT precisely match what you’ve searched.  But, because you have done your searches, you can identify which categories listed are most like what you’ve searched and got stats on.

I ended up using the following two categories for BUCKLES ME BABY:

Humor – Topic – Marriage & Family

Fiction – Family Life

I considered using Family & Relationships – Parenting – Motherhood instead, but my earlier searches told me the humor element was a great one to use across the board as well as Family Life in general which includes the Parenting aspect.

***Note:  This is the first time, I haven’t used the Romance Category…so we’ll see how this works.  I didn’t use Romance, because this book already starts with the hero and heroine’s relationship in tact.  And that’s never really an issue.  The book deals with all that a relationship brings.

Now, I did use Romance, though, in my Tagging of the book…or in the “keywords” section, which is what Amazon KDP calls it.  So here are the Keywords I chose (and you can choose between 5-7):

romance, contemporary romance, humor, romantic comedy, pregnancy, twins, paparazzi

See why I had you start – in Categorizing Part One – with identifying your story elements?

Anyone now searching on Amazon - for books having to deal with any of the categories and/or tags/keywords I’ve listed above - will “find” my BUCKLES ME BABY.

Plus, hopefully, these categories will max-out my shot at making Amazon’s Bestseller Lists again…and thus, further boost my sales.

Okay…that’s it for now.

I’ll sooo keep you posted on how these categories and keywords work out.

Oh, and btw, it does look like you can now go back in and change these categories.  I noticed the button said Add or Change Categories.

The Best of The WG2E Categorizing Wishes — D. D. Scott


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  1. Pamela Mason says:

    You are an Emarketing goddess DeeDee! Great info here… you’re so smart because you think ‘outside the box’.
    And it’s motivating me that much more to get my wip done! So glad I found you! Thanks for being the pioneer!

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Awww shucks, Pamela!

      I’ve never been an in-the-box or in-the-pack kinda gal. I’ve always preferred to blaze my own paths and make my own, totally non-square boxes.

      What I do luuuvvv is motivating people to go for the gusto of their dreams. I’m so honored to be sharing that journey with you, and helping, I hope, to ease your way a bit.

      And as long as we’re enjoying our journeys, that’s what’s most important!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Congratulations, D.D., on your latest “creation!” I’ve already downloaded it on Kindle for PC, so I’m ready to read. I always enjoy your blogs, as you are so informative about the latest news on E books!!! Thank you!

    • D. D. Scott says:

      You’re sooo welcome, Jeanne, and thanks bunches for stopping by The WG2E!!! It’s all about writers helping writers succeed on these new publishing roads.

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of BUCKLES ME BABY!!!

      Thank you for your kind words and wonderful support of both me and my writing. You rock!!!

  3. D. D. Scott says:

    Just an FYI follow-up…

    After only four days of being available on Amazon, BUCKLES ME BABY just hit the Amazon Bestseller List for the Humor – Parenting & Family Category!!!

    I’m a tellin’ ya…the Categorizing approach sooo works!!!

    And thanks bunches to all my loyal readers out there!!! I’m loving all your emails telling me how much your enjoying BUCKLES ME BABY!!! Happy Reading!!!