Celebrating Indie Authors

I’m sure you’ve all seen many blog posts over the years about how self-published books are a pile of crap, badly edited, and how we can’t possibly be earning any money from them. This is one of the latest by Michael Kozlowski who says self-published authors are destroying literature! So today, I wanted to celebrate [...]

How Much is Too Much?

Happy Tuesday, all! I hope you had a lovely Canada Day (yesterday) and that the Fourth of July, if you’re American, treats you well. Back in the old days, when print was king and self-publishing didn’t exist, time to market in the publishing world was slooooow. A publishing house might purchase a novel and then, [...]

Reaching Readers in the UK

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Recently, when DD asked what topics you’d like us to cover, some of you responded you’d like to learn more about reaching international readers. Today, I want to focus specifically on the UK market and how things are for both writers and readers of ebooks. It’s hard to believe that Kindle has [...]

Using Netgalley for Reviews

A while ago, I heard Netgalley mentioned as a possible place to help my books gain visibility and book reviews. If you haven’t heard of Netgalley yet, it’s a place where professional readers, like bloggers and librarians, hang out and they can request your book for review. The potential reviewer can update their profile so [...]

Are Author Collectives the Way of the Future?

Happy Tuesday,  everyone. Hope you’re all having a lovely, restful start to the week. Yesterday, ten other chick lit/ romantic comedy writers and I launched  Notting Hill Press, a publishing partnership. We have a piece on the USA Today Romance blog explaining how it all came about, but basically, we’re a collective of traditionally published writers who [...]