The WG2E Write Well Series: Creative Hunting


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Roy Street, Alicia’s fabulous other half, is treating us to a quirky fun take on filling our writing well with wonderful new ideas. Take it away, Roy… The creative process begins. Don’t you love it? There you are staring at a blank page. Nothing more frightening on one level. On another—nothing more [...]

Authors Connecting with Readers: What’s Your Style?


What is your favorite way to interact online with your readers? And how do you know what readers prefer? Do you join in conversations on Goodreads? Or Google +? Yahoo groups? Some authors swear by newsletters. Others say their readers don’t like them. I’ve noticed those who visit my website will more often leave a [...]

Arranging a Bouquet – of Books!


“Romance authors are some of the most generous authors out there, of their time, of their ideas, of their experience.”  That’s what paranormal romance author Clover Autrey said when I asked her about her role in heading up the Indie Romance Ink Book Lover’s Buffet, a sale event with over 150 discounted 99 cent books [...]

Story-trekking The Globe


Just the other day I received a wonderful email from a reader fan in Malaysia. Two weeks before, I’d heard from a woman in Brazil. And I have ongoing tweet exchanges with a reader from Slovenia. Not to mention two of my favorite readers from the U.K., which seems like it’s just around the corner. [...]

Writing The “Buddy Movie” Novel


Most people at one time or another have had a best friend or sibling who played the role of confidant, partner-in-crime and loyal sidekick. I know I have, which is why I like books and films where the protagonist has a best friend who travels with her through the ups and downs of the story [...]