Amazon Breaking News: Kindle Worlds is Securing Fan Fiction Licenses from Amazon Bestselling Authors!!!


TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! Got some Breaking News for ya from The Zon… Kindle Worlds, Amazon’s new Fan Fiction Platform, is no longer for books-to-movie-and-tv fan fiction only, it’s now for comic book characters and those characters written by Amazon’s bestselling authors too! Check out the official press release below… And thanks bunches to Amazon’s Sarah Gelman [...]

Three characters walk into a plot…


Three characters walk into a plot… Amazon has recently come up with a new way for you to make money as an author. It’s called “Kindle Worlds”, and I wrote about the announcement in my blog, I Love My Kindle. I’m addressing it again here with WG2ERs because this is something I think some of [...]

Do Different Genres Have Different Results on Amazon’s KDP Select? Alison Pensy Shares Her Strategies

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Please give a Big Ol’ WG2E Welcome to Alison Pensy, who’s sharing her strategies for choosing which books to put into Amazon’s KDP Select . Does genre matter when considering Select? Take it away, Alison… Thank you, D.D for inviting me here today to talk about my experience with NOT going the KDP Select route. [...]

Amazon’s New SciFi, Fantasy, and Romance Subcategories


Funny thing happened when I went to Amazon last week to browse for something new to read. I noticed that there is a whole new mess of categories, subcategories, and what they’re calling “character categories” and even “theme categories”. How exciting! It’s always good to have more specific and better categories. The question was how [...]

Amazon and Keywords: How to Choose Keywords that Work

I’m still travelling in Australia (hopefully somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef by the time you read this), so I’ve invited the very helpful Lisa Grace here today to talk about keywords and how to use them to maximise your Amazon exposure… Amazon and Keywords: How to Choose Keywords that Work by Lisa Grace Recently [...]