Kristen Lamb, Cocktail Parties and Social Media “Machines”


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! I’m about 20% into Kristen Lamb‘s fabulous new book…and she’s packed it full of terrific information regarding all-things social media and branding for authors! Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World Kristen has been my Go-To Social Media Queen since I started my self-publishing journey in August 2010, and [...]

Creating an Ebook Cover that Fits Your Author Brand and Genre


Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land! Here are some terrific tips on how to create Ebook Covers that Fit Your Author Brand and Genre, featuring Helen J. Beal. Take it away, Helen… So DD very kindly asked me to write a blog on finding a cover that fits my brand.  Thank you DD! Every author’s story is different, [...]

“Promo that works!” from New York Times Bestselling Author Gemma Halliday


First off, I want to thank D.D. and all of the WG2E bloggers for their wonderful support this past year.  Unfortunately life has brought a ton of busy stuff my way lately, so this will be my last WG2E post.  I will still be active and around, so please do feel free to keep up [...]

Author Branding: D. D. Scott’s Wonderfully Witchy Risk

DD Practical Mischeif 600 wide 72dpi

When I began writing my latest release – PRACTICAL MISCHIEF (Belle Bishop, Queen of Witches, Book 1) – it was because I have a passion for witchcraft. In fact, I’m a witch-in-training. I wanted to share my journey with a fabulous fictional cast and crew, and thus Belle Bishop and her Wonderfully Witchy World came [...]

Using Ebook Covers to Brand an Author Across Genres


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Here’s to hoping all of you fabulous snowbound peeps are safe and warm following Winter Storm Nemo. Speaking of Nemo, the little guy (as in the fish version) has quite the brand recognition, doesn’t he? This weekend we’re all focusing on a major winter storm of historical proportions named Nemo. But just [...]