Barnes & Noble says No to Tablets…and Perhaps No to a Prosperous Future

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Many of you may have read by now that earlier this week, Barnes & Noble dropped their Nook Tablet business, choosing to focus instead on their brick and mortar stores and basic ereaders. Here’s the scoop: Barnes & Noble to Discontinue Nook Tablet Business… What Barnes & Noble Should Do Next… Don’t Count Out Barnes [...]

More Bad News for Barnes & Noble

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Here we go…again…more bad news for Barnes & Noble and their Nook devices. (And yes, this is the face I want to make…) Check out these articles (from Digital Book World-DBW): B&N Digital Content Giveaway (where they’re offering $50 in free content for Nook HD+ buyers) Revenues and Profits Down at B&N in Third Quarter, [...]

Is Barnes and Noble Going The Way of Borders…as in Bankrupt?


I don’t know about you, WG2E-Land Peeps, but I don’t have a good gut feeling about the future of Barnes and Noble brick and mortar stores. They could end up with the same fate as Borders. Following an article in the Wall Street Journal (which is subscription only…ugh!) early last week, things ain’t lookin’ too [...]

For Microsoft and Barnes & Noble’s New Partnership It’s Not About Vacuum Cleaners and Redneck Wine Glasses!


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! In my 2012 Indie Epublishing Predictions, I asked the question “What If…Apple Buys Barnes & Noble”. I was close to nailing it, but not totally right. It wasn’t Apple that was going to step in to save Barnes & Noble… It ended up being the other software giant… Microsoft!!! And no, this [...]