Authors: Are You Looking For Beta Readers and Book Reviewers?


Happy 2014, WG2E Authors!!! We’ve got an exciting new opportunity for all of you WG2E Street Team Members… We’ve just launched our brand new WG2E Beta and Review Club!!! WG2E Street Team Members…C’mon over and join us and bring 5 to 10 of your most enthusiastic readers and fans with you!!! ***Note: Just like the Street [...]

Authors: Try BookRooster for Amazon Reviews


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! For the first time, I’m trying BookRooster to get more Amazon Reviews. And BookRooster is NOT a pay-for-review service (not that I disagree with that, mind you, but this isn’t that kind of service) in that the reviewers are not paid. You simply pay a $67 administrative fee to the site who [...]

Authors: How Are You Handling the New Batch of 1-Star Reviews from Peeps Who “Haven’t Read It Yet”?


Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land! Okay…I thought I’d seen it all when it came to 1-Star Reviews, but this latest version is a total stumper. Here’s one I just received this past week on Amazon from a Diana Hill (who’s reviewed three games and two books, one of which includes my STUCK WITH A STIFF): 0 of [...]

Seeing Stars on Goodreads


Are you an author who never looks at your book reviews? Or are you constantly checking the sites and tweeting about your newest review? I try to take a middle-of-the road approach and look at my reviews occasionally, or when my husband yells at me from the other room: “You’ve got another review!” I try [...]