WG2E Guest Vickie Taylor talks “SWOT Your Way to a Sustainable Writing Business


Give a big ol’ WG2E Welcome to National Bestselling Author Vickie Taylor, who’s teaching us how to SWOT Our Way to a Sustainable Writing Business. Take it away, Vickie… These are such exciting times to be a writer. Possibility stretches out before us like an endless summer meadow before a child. We dream of–whatever it [...]

Bestselling Author Lois Lavrisa on Setting 2013 Author Goals

New Years party hats

The New Year is breathing down on us, and for me, this means setting new “author” goals for the next twelve months. I have made most of my goals for 2012. I had one full-length novel published. I wrote short stories for four anthologies. For twelve months I wrote bi-monthly as a team member here [...]

WG2E Guest SK Holmesly on Managing Your Epublishing Business as an LLC


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Have you given any thought to Managing Your Epublishing Business as an LLC? WG2E Guest SK Holmesly has, and here she is to share the scoop… First, right up front, I want to say that I’m neither a lawyer nor a certified tax accountant.  Because of that I’m definitely not giving out [...]

WG2E Guest Kiru Taye shares Five Principles for Surviving Your First Year of Indie Epublishing

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Please give a big ol’ WG2E Welcome to Kiru Taye, who’s celebrating her first year as an Indie Epublished Author and sharing her survival tips. Take it away, Kiru… Hello, WG2E readers. This week I celebrate my first year in publishing. It’s been an amazing year with ups as well as downs. With 6 published [...]

D. D. Scott’s Indie Epublishing Strategic Planning – Part One


TGIF, WG2E-Land! Each November, I create my Indie Epublishing Strategic Plan and Production Schedule for the Coming Year. Doing so requires that I conduct a Strategic Assessment of my Indie Epublishing Empire. In other words, in order to make Strategic Decisions for my Empire’s future, I’ve got to know where my previous plans have taken [...]