Creating an Ebook Cover that Fits Your Author Brand and Genre


Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land! Here are some terrific tips on how to create Ebook Covers that Fit Your Author Brand and Genre, featuring Helen J. Beal. Take it away, Helen… So DD very kindly asked me to write a blog on finding a cover that fits my brand.  Thank you DD! Every author’s story is different, [...]

Go-To List for Helpful Indie Rescources

As Indies we are responsible for everything from writing the book to putting it out into the big wild world. This means editing, finding cover art, cover-designing, formatting, marketing, advertising, keeping up with what’s going on in the publishing world, and much, much more. So wouldn’t it be helpful to have a go-to list of [...]

D. D. Scott’s Ebook Production Team


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! My DH (Darling Husband) likes to say: “There’s no ‘I’ in Team” And he’s sooo right! Despite the fact that we’re all Indie Epublished/Self-Published Authors, many of us do use a team approach to bringing our Ebooks to Etailers the world over. Several of you have asked in the comment streams for [...]

Using Ebook Covers to Brand an Author Across Genres


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Here’s to hoping all of you fabulous snowbound peeps are safe and warm following Winter Storm Nemo. Speaking of Nemo, the little guy (as in the fish version) has quite the brand recognition, doesn’t he? This weekend we’re all focusing on a major winter storm of historical proportions named Nemo. But just [...]