Authors: What Do You Do When a Reader Asks You For a Free Copy of Your Book?


I’ve blogged before about giving away books on Goodreads ( But I recently heard a couple different authors mention that they’ve been contacted by Goodreads members following a giveaway. The readers, even though they didn’t win the giveaway, are asking for a free book copy. About Goodreads giveaways: The site allows authors to give away [...]

Only 15 RG2E Featured Author Spots Left for 2012 and 2013 is Filling Fast!!!


TGIF, WG2E-Land! This post is gonna be short and sweet to get the word out that we’ve got… Only 15 RG2E Featured Author Spots Left for 2012 And 2013 is filling quickly!!! What a difference in our stats too since we’ve gone to our new Ebook Gifting format, where you, the RG2E Featured Authors, gift [...]

Ebook Gifting: The How-To’s


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Over the last couple of months, I’ve talked about how I’ve used Ebook Gifting to grow my readership both deeper and wider. Indie Epub Authors…Invest in Yourself and Readers via Ebook Gifting I believe in this approach so much that I based the creation of our sister site – The RG2E – [...]