Self-Publishing Goals: Increase Your Income Streams

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TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! When I published my debut release – BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS – in August 2010, I only had two income streams. I could get royalties from sales on Amazon US or from those on Smashwords (and at the time, Smashwords could get me to Barnes and Noble, Sony, and Smashwords itself). So, I would eventually [...]

WG2E Guest Liz Matis Goes “Free” and Here are Her Real Ebook Sales Numbers!

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Another WG2E-Land Peep – Liz Matis – is “Ridin’ The Free-Way“…meaning, she’s got one of her Ebooks available for FREE. But…Liz has done it via Amazon’s KDP Select vs FREE across all platforms, all the time. Here’s the scoop on what that’s meant to her in Real Numbers… Take it away, Liz… My HGTV meets [...]

Indie Epublishing Superstars


I spend a lot of time on writer’s loops, especially indie ones.  And, as you guys might have noticed, I pull a lot of subject matter for this blog out of what’s being passed around on the loops.  This post is no exception.  One issue that I’ve been reading a lot about on the loop [...]

There’s Money to be Made Indie Epublishing on Smashwords


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! This past week, I received my Quarter 2 Royalties from Smashwords, which basically includes earnings accumulated through April and part of May 2012. When I took a quick snapshot of how my 2012 earnings from Smashwords compared to my 2011 earnings, I was over the moon thrilled with the HUGE growth. Check [...]

Indie Epubbed Authors: How Often Do You Check Your Ebook Sales?


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land Peeps! Recently, to keep both my creative and business routines fresh and interesting, I’ve been mixing ‘em up a bit. For example, I’ve gone from checking and recording my Ebook Sales (across all channels) daily to checking and recording them just once per month. And wow is that a HUGE change for [...]