Celebrating Indie Authors

I’m sure you’ve all seen many blog posts over the years about how self-published books are a pile of crap, badly edited, and how we can’t possibly be earning any money from them. This is one of the latest by Michael Kozlowski who says self-published authors are destroying literature! So today, I wanted to celebrate [...]

Go-To List for Helpful Indie Rescources

As Indies we are responsible for everything from writing the book to putting it out into the big wild world. This means editing, finding cover art, cover-designing, formatting, marketing, advertising, keeping up with what’s going on in the publishing world, and much, much more. So wouldn’t it be helpful to have a go-to list of [...]

Draft2Digital – A New Ebook Distributor in Town!

I know there are many different opinions about exclusive sales platforms like KDP Select, but personally, I don’t think it’s good for authors. An exclusive agreement means cutting out the competition, and while no competition will be good for the top dog, it’s not good for the little puppies at the bottom of the chain [...]

Selling Ebooks Direct From Your Website


A while ago I was contacted by Joshua Cohen, who is the co-founder and Head of Business Development at Ganxy. He wanted to enable authors to sell their content direct from their website and was looking for input from authors to see how he could build something that would suit them. Since there’s been a [...]

Coming Out of the Closet…I’m Trans-Genre!

No, I’m not talking about some bizarre kind of sexual quirk! Today, I’m talking about expanding the number of genres you write in. One of the biggest benefits to being an indie author that gets talked about a lot is having the control to write exactly what you want and when. At the time I [...]