Celebrating Indie Authors

I’m sure you’ve all seen many blog posts over the years about how self-published books are a pile of crap, badly edited, and how we can’t possibly be earning any money from them. This is one of the latest by Michael Kozlowski who says self-published authors are destroying literature! So today, I wanted to celebrate [...]

Amazon and Keywords: How to Choose Keywords that Work

I’m still travelling in Australia (hopefully somewhere near the Great Barrier Reef by the time you read this), so I’ve invited the very helpful Lisa Grace here today to talk about keywords and how to use them to maximise your Amazon exposure… Amazon and Keywords: How to Choose Keywords that Work by Lisa Grace Recently [...]

Jason Merkoski’s Burning The Page – A Must-Read Book for Authors


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! A week from today (Monday, May 6th), y’all are in for a HUGE treat! Jason Merkoski – the superfab smart, techno guru who lead the Amazon team working for Jeff Bezos to develop the Kindle – will be our guest!!! How over the moon terrific is that?! I “met” Jason inside of [...]

Publishing Success = Pure Luck?


Just this past weekend Savannah Georgia, where I have lived for over eighteen years, hosted 400,000 plus tourists and locals, for the nation’s second largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade. This got me thinking about the term ‘Luck of the Irish.’ Luck in particular. Some people think that when an author makes it big, for example [...]

What Does The Future Look Like for Traditional Publishers and What Does That Mean for Indie Epublished/Self-Published Authors?

iStock_000005651286XSmallMaking Choices

Here’s a very interesting article stream from this week’s Digital Book World (DBW) and The Idea Logical Company: The Publisher of The Future Publishers are Reshaping Themselves Basically, it boils down to the fact that the TradiPubs will do away with their backlists and do fewer and fewer deals with new authors…unless you have a [...]