The Business of Self-Publishing: Gut Checks – New Data Equals New Strategies

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TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! Gosh darn our self-publishing world changes fast, doesn’t it?! And that means as the CEO of your publishing career, you’ve got to change with it. And what does that mean? A whole bunch of gut checks!!!  And on a regular basis too. Many of you have asked me what I feel is the [...]

Draft2Digital – A New Ebook Distributor in Town!

I know there are many different opinions about exclusive sales platforms like KDP Select, but personally, I don’t think it’s good for authors. An exclusive agreement means cutting out the competition, and while no competition will be good for the top dog, it’s not good for the little puppies at the bottom of the chain [...]

WG2E Guest Vickie Taylor talks “SWOT Your Way to a Sustainable Writing Business


Give a big ol’ WG2E Welcome to National Bestselling Author Vickie Taylor, who’s teaching us how to SWOT Our Way to a Sustainable Writing Business. Take it away, Vickie… These are such exciting times to be a writer. Possibility stretches out before us like an endless summer meadow before a child. We dream of–whatever it [...]

Publishing Events: To Conference or Not to Conference

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To Conference or Not to Conference? That’s one of the big questions I’ve answered for my multi-media, epublishing-centered empire in 2013. My answer is based on the very fact that my empire, as a Bestselling Indie Epublished Author, is a multi-media one, centered on an e-commerce model. What that means is that my readers and [...]

WG2E Guest Karla Darcy on “Rising Above Not Knowing What You’re Doing” in Your Indie Epublishing Journey


Please help me give a Wonderful WG2E Welcome and Shout-out to our guest, Karla Darcy, who’s sharing her tips on Rising Above Not Knowing What You’re Doing in Your Indie Epublishing Journey. Indie Publishing is really scary! It’s like walking a tightrope without a net. I’m a writer and never thought I’d have to learn [...]