Hold on, future Goodreads Librarians!


I’ve heard from a few different sources that becoming a librarian on Goodreads might not be as easy as it once was. Why would you want to become a librarian on the social media site? Users on Goodreads with librarian status can do special tasks, like combine book editions and edit book data… even for [...]

Goodreads Office Hours: Q & A Recap

office hours

Hello, WG2E-land! Last week, Goodreads staff held office hours, an online session where both the Goodreads author marketing coordinator, Cynthia Shannon, and director, Patrick Brown, answered questions from writers. Writers could ask questions live or post them beforehand on the discussion thread. I’ve tried to hit the highlights of the office hours in this post, [...]

Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter: Share What You Read, Rate and Add


Grin and share it. Goodreads users have the ability to share what they’re reading, rating, and adding on Goodreads with Facebook friends (and Twitter peeps, too) through an app. Interested in partaking? To arrange all this automated sharing, go to the Goodreads website, and click “edit profile” on the drop-down menu beneath your user image [...]

Goodreads Members’ E-reading Devices: E-readers or Tablets?


Before Amazon announced its plans to purchase Goodreads, I noticed the results of a survey on the Goodreads blog that examined what devices members use to read ebooks. Naturally, Goodreads members don’t just read ebooks on Kindles and other devices that are specifically e-readers. The blog points to a New York Times article (http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/20/e-book-reader-tablets-cannibalized/) that [...]

Breaking News: Amazon to Acquire Goodreads


TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! Got some Breaking News for ya… Yesterday afternoon, I got an email from one of Amazon’s PR Peeps letting me know that Amazon has acquired Goodreads! Wow, right?! Here’s the official Amazon Press Release: Amazon.com to acquire Goodreads I luuuvvved this quote from the article: “I just found out my two favorite people [...]