WG2E-Land: Let’s Show Our Love for WG2E Team Member Gordon Kirkland!!!


TGIF, WG2E-Land!!! Last year at this time, my superfab friend and fellow WG2E Team Member, Gordon Kirkland, and I were celebrating each of us making it onto Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List for the first time! Literally, it was the same night, after we’d each been featured on the fabulous blog, ENT (Ereader News Today), [...]

The End Of The Line


Hello to everyone who is a part of WG2E. This will unfortunately be my last posting for the foreseeable future. My writing career is on hold, and at this point I do not know if it will ever return, or if I will live long enough for that to happen. There’s a lot of that [...]

What If…


What If… Gordon Kirkland This month I have a question for you all. I hope thinking about it will give you a chance to also be a bit (OK – a lot) more prepared than I was, What would you do if you suddenly had to stop writing and marketing your books? I’m sure many [...]

Why Do Research? Isn’t Imagination Enough?


My writing life alternates between nonfiction and fiction, with my collections of short essays all firmly in the non-fiction camp, and my novels on the other side of the street. The essays don’t take research; they come from the strangeness that is my everyday life. The fiction side takes a lot more work. I was [...]

Don’t Listen to The Naysayers


In 1996, I attended my very first writer’s conference. I had been writing my syndicated newspaper column for about two years at that point, and it had made the leap from a couple of Canadian newspapers and into the US market. I was doing guest appearances on radio talk shows, and even stores like Barnes [...]