Do BookBub Ads Work to Find New Readers?

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Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land Peeps! I’ve asked one of our WG2E Street Team Members, the fabulous Liz Matis, to fill us in on her experiences using BookBub, perhaps the hottest spot right now to find new readers. Take it away, Liz… After having a successful BookBub ad for my free days for Love By Design, I [...]

Natalie Gayle on “What I Would and Wouldn’t Do Again as a Self-Publishing Newbie”

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Happy Monday, WG2E-land! Please give a big ol’ WG2E Welcome to today’s Guest, Natalie Gayle, who’s treating us to fabulous scoop on “What I Would and Wouldn’t Do Again as a Self-Publishing Newbie.” Take it away, Natalie… In September last year I finally got serious and decided to finish the book that I’d started to [...]

Creating a Reader-Friendly Website


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land!!! We’ve got fabulous scoop today from WG2E-Lander Ellen M. Gregg, who’s sharing tips on how to create a reader-friendly website. Take it away, Ellen… Greetings, WG2E-ers! I’m waving at you from southern New Hampshire, and squeezing D.D. in a big, appreciative cyber hug for having me here today. Will you do me [...]

When It Comes to Authors Doing Research: Thank Goodness for the Internet!


Here’s fabulous WG2E-Lander, Christy Hayes, talkin’ all things Research! Take it away, Christy… As an author, I can’t imagine doing research for books without the Internet. When I count up the number of times per day I search for some essential piece of information online and then consider having to go to the library to [...]

How To Use Twitter Lists


Happy Monday, Peeps! Today, I’ve asked fabulous WG2E-Lander, Rhonda Hopkins, to teach us how to use Twitter Lists to maximize our tweeting time. Take it away, Rhonda… Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be back at the WG2E today. D.D. Scott asked that I talk to you about twitter lists. They’re pretty simple to use and [...]