An eBook is not necessarily forever…

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Bob Mayer and I were at Thrillerfest this past week. We gave a workshop on the Future of Publishing for the Writer. One of the things I talked about was that while we think our eBook is forever, the technology that is coming our way could actually put our eBook on the “out of stock” [...]

Kobo’s new portal: Writing Life


I absolutely LOVE Kobo’s new portal for the self-published author: Writing Life. Since we’ve been publishing on Kobo directly for over two years, I have the pleasure of beta testing the new system. Its simple. Its crisp. Its clean and most importantly, its user friendly. First thing I love is that there are 4 pages [...]

How Many Unique Identifies does one eBook need?


In the last couple of weeks I have been asked this questions at least a half dozen times. Frankly, this is something the industry is still figuring out, but the “industry” (meaning NY) doesn’t really understand eBooks yet. So, what is an ISBN anyway? ISBN: International Standard Book Number This is a 10 or 13 [...]

Are all web browsers created equal?


A web browser is essentially a translator. The browser takes a look at the HTML code of the website and then translates the code into something the user can understand. The problem is while HTML has some basic standards, there is now room for interpretation, which can cause some interesting problems for programmers. Its important [...]