Author Confidence or Self-Doubt?


A few weekends ago, my husband and I attended an event featuring the bestselling financial guru, Suze Orman. My husband’s employer Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah Georgia sponsored the community outreach program. The day of the event, we headed out early in the morning over the Savannah River to the Westin. Hundreds waited in line for [...]

Writers and Authors: How Many of You Have Heard “Get a Real Job”?

iStock_000005182627XSmall (2)typewriter

“Mom, get a real job” For several years, I worked as an adjunct at a local university. Recently my fifteen year old daughter who is a smart athletic social butterfly turned to me and said, “Mom why don’t you get a real job? Like work back at the college like you use to?” My fashion [...]

How Does the Lawsuit against Harlequin’s Novel THE PROUD WIFE affect writers/authors?


An unpublished author brought a case against HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES, LTD. Please be forewarned that I do not have any legal experience. Therefore, I am not able to summarize the case as precisely and accurately as someone with law knowledge can.  However, this case has been buzzing on a loop I am on and I think [...]

Publishing Success = Pure Luck?


Just this past weekend Savannah Georgia, where I have lived for over eighteen years, hosted 400,000 plus tourists and locals, for the nation’s second largest Saint Patrick’s Day parade. This got me thinking about the term ‘Luck of the Irish.’ Luck in particular. Some people think that when an author makes it big, for example [...]