E-book settlements are here: “Don’t give them your money back”


E-book settlements are here: “Don’t give them your money back” Kindle store customers are getting e-mails about a credit they are getting due to a settlement in a pricing case against five tradpubs (traditional publishers) brought by the Attorneys General of many US states and territories. For more details, see my article: Settlement pay-outs are here [...]

New Advertising Opportunities for Self-Published Authors: EbookBooster’s Bargain Book Services


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! As I try new advertising opportunities for self-published authors, I’ll share them here at The WG2E. So, here’s the latest one I’m trying: http://www.ebookbooster.com/bargainorder.html If you’ve got an ebook that you’re price pulsing at 99 Cents, you can use this service to get the word out to 25 sites that feature Bargain [...]

BookBub and Consuelo Saah Baehr

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BookBub, please, oh, please, take my ad. I stopped doing social media and general marketing about six months ago.  I don’t have a good reason for stopping other than I couldn’t see results that were rewarding enough to warrant all that begging and tweeting and posting. After several months of doing NOTHING (not even the [...]

The Business of Self-Publishing: Take Your Promo on The Road

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Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Here’s a short and sweet and very cheap promotion tip… Take Your Promo on The Road!!! What do I mean by that? As of this past Tuesday, here’s the back of my Jeep: And here’s the side of my RV: ***I’ve put this on both sides of the RV as well as [...]

Em Petrova talks The Killion Group and Author Promotional Services


Hello and a big THANK YOU to DeeDee Scott for offering me a place on this amazing blog. Since you readers are all savvy about the publishing industry and sales figures, I’m sure you’re like me—always scouring the Internet for new ways to promote yourselves. I write erotic romance but like most of us, royalties [...]