Authors: How Are You Backing Up Your Manuscripts and Business Files?


Yesterday, we talked about The Cloud (what it is and what that means for authors). That conversation got me thinking about all of the ways I’m currently using to back-up my manuscripts and business files. To date, I use the following: 1. Google Docs (I’m actually writing all of my books now – not just [...]

The Business of Self-Publishing: What to Include in Your Ebook Besides The Story


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! Not only have I revamped my Ebook Pricing Strategies, I’ve also revamped what goes into my Ebooks besides the story. Why? Because a great story has the potential to build your readership…BUT…you’ve got to provide your readers with the tools to stay connected in your communities after they finish the book! You [...]

The Business of Self-Publishing: A Day in The Life of a Self-Published Author


Happy Hump Day, WG2E-Land! Being a self-published author is as much about being a CEO as it is about being the primary artist in residence (in this case – an author). Each day, I write 10 to 15 new pages on the manuscript I’m working on and often ideas pop-up for others in line to [...]

Does Self-Publishing Have a Formula for Success?


Emails from Aspiring Writers I’ve made ten or eleven sales and I have to say, I’m not feeling that great about myself. I don’t know what to do now. How do people find my book? How did you get readers to find your book? I have no idea how to make that happen. ~~~ I’m [...]

Natalie Gayle on “What I Would and Wouldn’t Do Again as a Self-Publishing Newbie”

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Happy Monday, WG2E-land! Please give a big ol’ WG2E Welcome to today’s Guest, Natalie Gayle, who’s treating us to fabulous scoop on “What I Would and Wouldn’t Do Again as a Self-Publishing Newbie.” Take it away, Natalie… In September last year I finally got serious and decided to finish the book that I’d started to [...]