WG2E-Land: Who’s on Instagram?


TGIF, WG2E-Land Peeps! Finally upgraded my iPhone this week (from the 3 to the 5) and now I have Instagram! (ddscottromcom) What I love about connecting with peeps via Instagram is that it’s another fabulous way to get to know people, simply by sharing images. It’s a more intimate, behind-the-scenes way that I can share [...]

Authors: Chill Out and Connect with Readers using Pinterest


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Many of you have asked me “What do you do to chill out?” These days, I chill out and recharge my muses on Pinterest. Yep, I’m totally Pin-dicted!!! And what’s so cool about using Pinterest in this way is that, at the same time, I’m connecting with my readers in a very [...]

Kristen Lamb, Cocktail Parties and Social Media “Machines”


Happy Weekend, WG2E-Land! I’m about 20% into Kristen Lamb‘s fabulous new book…and she’s packed it full of terrific information regarding all-things social media and branding for authors! Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World Kristen has been my Go-To Social Media Queen since I started my self-publishing journey in August 2010, and [...]

Authors: What Value Do You Provide Your Fans?


Wavin’ atchya, WG2E-Land Peeps!!! I’m learning so much from Pamorama, a social media blog by the amazing and brilliant Pam Dyer. Her latest article – 4 Tips for Providing Value to Your Social Media Fans and Leveraging the Network Effect – solidified a bunch of my gut instincts regarding the effectiveness of social media. For [...]

Getting The Most Out Of Triberr (As Authors)

Triberr logo

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Here’s the lovely Kenra Daniels on all-things Triberr. Take it away, Kenra… I joined Triberr back in Nov 2011 when it was still in limited beta version. Since then, I’ve seen it go through tremendous changes and growing pains. One aspect has remained the same. It is a promotion tool, period. Your [...]