Writing Life: It’s Summertime, and The Writing Progress is Sloooow

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I sat down at my computer with a mission – to write this post. But I just spent the last 15 minutes surfing the web… checking email and Facebook, pondering the weather forecast and wondering whether the rain is going to cancel my son’s swimming lesson. This seems to be the story of my writing [...]

Goodreads Office Hours: Q & A Recap

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Hello, WG2E-land! Last week, Goodreads staff held office hours, an online session where both the Goodreads author marketing coordinator, Cynthia Shannon, and director, Patrick Brown, answered questions from writers. Writers could ask questions live or post them beforehand on the discussion thread. I’ve tried to hit the highlights of the office hours in this post, [...]

The WG2E Write Well Series: Redundant, Often Directional, Descriptions

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Did your character just climb up a ladder or cross over a river? Eat a whole apple or set down her coffee mug on the table? Then it’s likely you’re bogging down your prose with unnecessary directional descriptions. I know I sure do. Unnecessary words (often directional words) can really clog up what could be [...]

Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter: Share What You Read, Rate and Add


Grin and share it. Goodreads users have the ability to share what they’re reading, rating, and adding on Goodreads with Facebook friends (and Twitter peeps, too) through an app. Interested in partaking? To arrange all this automated sharing, go to the Goodreads website, and click “edit profile” on the drop-down menu beneath your user image [...]

De-constructing Criticism is a Required Skill for Writers

How do you know what criticism to take versus what criticism to politely decline? I’m not talking reviews; I’m talking before-you-publish comments from early readers. You’ve got a manuscript finished. Before you publish it, you have someone – hopefully a few someones – read it and let you know what they think. You’re looking for [...]