Happy Valentine’s Day, WG2E-Land! Let’s Share Our Love of Indie Epublishing!!!

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought we could share what we love about being indie authors!

I’ll get us started. I love:

Control over my writing. There’s nothing like being able to take as much time with a story as it needs, to be able to select exactly the right cover and pricing, to determine where the book will be sold… and to reap the benefits!

Readers. Obviously. And good reviews. I absolutely love visiting a site and seeing a great new review from a reader. It’s like finding a forgotten chocolate bar in the back corner of the pantry!

My fellow authors. I grew up writing, even went to college for writing. But nothing comes close to the support of fellow indie authors with the WG2E Street Team. Before I met the authors on the street team, a lot of the authors I encountered seemed snobby and secretive, exclusionary. Most indie authors I meet are exactly the opposite.

Writing in my sweatpants. Yes, I love being able to write whenever, wherever, and wearing whatever!

Milestones, feeling the accomplishment when I meet whatever goal or milestone it is – getting that first book published, breaking the top 100 list. And I feel a sense of – dare I say it – pride when one my fellow authors achieves something huge. We only know each other through online relationships, but all the same, my heart rejoices with them.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, WG2E-Land, and please share… What do you love about being an indie writer?

~~~Tamara Ward

Tamara Ward is an Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Mystery Author. Storm Surge, the first novel in the Jonie Waters mystery series, released in 2011. Tamara is also a proud member of our WG2E Family.

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  1. In a word, control! To choose what projects…when…how much…what it will look like…gosh, I’m in love.

  2. Sibel Hodge says:

    Happy VD Day! ;)

    I loved being in control – I’m a control freak! I decide what, when, how!

  3. Not having to follow the ‘rules’ — don’t have to worry about word coun, etc. and my characters can be ‘different.’

  4. Julie Day says:

    Definitely control over what I write, when I write and where. And like DD said the other day, esp the when if you have medical problems yourself or your partner/family does.

  5. Tamara Ward says:

    Yes! Having control and being able to break the rules at our own discretion – those are lovely!

  6. Angela Brown says:

    As a newbie to this journey, I have to say it is definitely both scary and fun being an Indie Author. I’m not sure I get the secretive or snobby attitude of some. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t break out and become an overnight success that the snobby thing eludes me lol!!

    But I do love the control factor. And I love that I can share my stories my way with readers :-)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  7. Kiru Taye says:

    Control over my own work tops the list for me. Meeting and interacting with authors like you, Tamara and other members of the WG2E street team has been a great bonus.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. I love what you love, Tamara! And I love that I can now help support my family with a ‘job’ that I love, not a job I have to go to because I have no other choice. :)

  9. Theresa says:

    I love READERS!

    I also love being able to write the project of my heart and not worry about what genre is hot at the moment.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. R. A. Lee says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! You are so right. I still remember my first review. It was the kindest review from a reader I could ever hope to receive.

  11. SK Holmesley says:

    Control, not having to be bound within a single genre, and definitely occasionally finding that forgotten chocolate bar at the bottom of the vegetable bin (we keep our chocolate bars in the refrigerator, because it’s Florida and it gets “wilty” in the cupboards). :-)

    Being able to hang out with all you lovely, interesting people, and learn more about changes and direction in Indie publishing than I could ever find out on my own.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. Tamara Ward says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

    Chocolate in a fridge, after being microwaved… it doesn’t matter to me, SK Holmesley!

  13. Being in control is great but it’s also scary.
    I have no one to blame but myself if something goes wrong; however, I can always go back and correct it, even after the book is published.

    And I’m a bit afraid of reviewers – but whatever…not as if I’ve never been rejected before.

    Great idea for a blog. Thanks.


  14. Doug Welch says:

    Freedom, baby, freedom! Long live freedom!

  15. Lily silver says:

    I love the freedom of being able to write characters and plots that are not part of a genre formula. I also agree with other comments about not being controlled by a specific word count. The story can be what it needs to be to fit the plot and character development, not the number limit or length of a specific publishing house. And I have met some wonderful Indie authors who have become my good friends! The street team is the best group I have joined this past year and has helped me on my journey.

  16. I love my readers! The fan emails, the glowing reviews, how they write that they’re eagerly waiting for the next book…. Wow!

  17. Tamara Ward says:

    :D I love hearing what everyone loves about being an indie author!

  18. I like being able to say writing is my hobby until I figure out what I’m doing. Then, watch out because the world will be my target for sales! I LOVE BEING AN INDIE!!!!

  19. You said it all, Tamara! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend. :)

  20. JamieSalisbury (@JamieRSalisbury) says:

    Hi Tamara!
    You hit it all on the head! I love being an indie, although I did sign a one book contract with a small publisher. My reason being is to reach more readers! I’ll still do what I’ve been doing the last two years – I love being in control too much!