Paging Dr. Page: your Amazon Author Central page

Paging Dr. Page: your Amazon Author Central page

Don’t you wish your publisher would promote your blog posts, let you directly connect to your readers, and host a calendar of your events?

Well, if you publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, you can do all that…and more!

Even if you only have independently published e-books in the Kindle store, you can have an Amazon Author Central page (AACP).

I think this is generally an underutilized resource. While they do keep improving it, and it could certainly do more, it is a sophisticated web presence on the seventh most visited website, with over 250 million unique visitors monthly:

You can think of there being two main elements to the Amazon Author Central page: one is the data that it can give you (like a sales graph), and the other is the public facing site.

In this post, I’m going to focus  on the promotional elements, the part that the public can see.

First, though, how do you get one?

Go to

and click or tap the

Join Now

button. The process from there is easy, and they’ll make sure you qualify. :) You will need an Amazon account, but you probably already have one.

Once you are there, you add your books. These books will be displayed, with cover images, a link to buy it, and star ratings, on your page. You’ll also see that this is easy, although it wasn’t at first accurate for me.

Next, let’s talk about your profile. That’s the fun part, and where you can really set yourself apart:

  • Create a biography
  • Add a blog (you can have blogposts from your blog automatically appear on your AACP. Amazon doesn’t control the content, from what I’ve seen, so I believe you could even promote books that you don’t have at Amazon. The blogposts do show with live hyperlinks.  Three posts at a time show here per blog (you can have multiple blogs)
  • Events (you can list your events here and they appear on a calendar on the page)
  • Author Page URL: this is relatively new. You can create a URL (Uniform or Universal Resource Locator), a web address, that is easy for people to use. For example, mine is You can then use that wherever you want to publicize your AACP. You can also share it directly to Twitter or Facebook from the page where you create it. They give you a warning that suggests you won’t be able to change it later, though, so I’d go with your name rather than your latest book title
  • Photos (you can have up to eight)
  • Videos
  • Your Twitter feed (I think it’s just the most recent tweet)

Not bad for no money, right? :)

Another big feature of the page is that you have your own forum. That means you can start threads (conversation) for each of your books (that’s what I did), and your readers can comment and ask you questions. They can also start their own threads. That’s been very helpful for me, particularly when people have reported a problem with my blog delivering. You can also have any of the threads e-mail you automatically whenever a post is added…and the e-mail shows you the post. From that e-mail, you can jump right to the post, if you want.

People can also get to your AACP from your book’s Amazon Product Pages, which increases discovery.

So, this is a no cost, low effort, marketing tool for you on one of the biggest sites in the world…all you need is a book in the Kindle store.

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Bufo Calvin is the author of the popular I Love My Kindle blog and several  titles in the Kindle store, including the #1 bestseller Love Your 1st Generation Kindle Fire: The ILMK Guide to Amazon’s Entertablet, and the best-selling The Mind Boggles: A Unique Book of Quotations. Bufo is proud to be a part of the WG2E family.

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  1. Monica Davis says:

    Well done, Bufo! Great info. Time for me to revisit my author page and beef up the content. ;-)

    • Bufo Calvin says:

      Thanks for writing, Monica!

      I think one of the things Amazon could do better is alert people to changes. :) I’m sure a lot of people could benefit from that Author Page URL, for example. If they were, I would think I’d be seeing it in these comments…

  2. Ruth Harris says:

    Buffo, thank you for such an informative post & tips on how to make the most of it. Very helpful!

    • Bufo Calvin says:

      Thanks for writing, Ruth!

      No problem! I love to help folks, and I like that WG2E lets me do that for authors. Helping authors helps readers which helps the world at large, right? :)

  3. Moira Stelmack says:

    Perfect timing! I was going to open my page this week. I appreciate all the specific info you gave.

  4. Angela Brown says:

    I can certainly agree that the Amazon author page is underutilized. These are some great items to go check out and see about updating for my own page. Thanks!

    • Bufo Calvin says:

      Thanks for writing, Angela!

      Here’s an idea to consider:

      Ask your readers to send you short videos with them saying what they like about your books, with permission for you to post them on your AACP. Then you can rotate those in from time to time, which I think might be pretty impressive. When people see other readers getting their videos on your page, that will encourage them to become your readers as well.

      In one of the videos, you could thank you readers, which would tie it all together.

  5. CC MacKenzie says:

    Thank you very much for this very timely post, Bufo!

    I’m right on it!

  6. Thanks for the post–I was just about to add something to my author page!

  7. Great stuff as always, Bufo.
    Might want to also mention that Amazon Author pages exist in several of the Amazon foreign countries and need to be independently uploaded to, .de, .fr, etc. I made a video tutorial if people are interested in a walk-through,

  8. Perfect timing! I just made a list of things I need to do today before reading this and number 4 is Amazon Author Page. I might move that up to number 2. (I’ve already done #1.)

  9. I had no idea there was a forum, too. Wow. I looked at my Author Central page and there was a conversation below it about one of my books. Who knew? Thanks, Bufo!

    • Bufo Calvin says:

      Thanks for writing, Delaney!

      You can even jump in and join the conversation…imagine if one of your favorite authors had done that with you twenty years ago!