The WG2E: Daily Blog Gone…But Not Goodbye

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Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! When I brainstormed and launched The WG2E over three years ago (can’t believe it’s been so long – December 2009), epublishing and indie/self-publishing were brand new adventures. Now, they’re viable and very popular avenues for writers/authors of all genres, and I’m thrilled that The WG2E has had a fabulous part in the [...]

WG2E-Land: Who’s on Instagram?


TGIF, WG2E-Land Peeps! Finally upgraded my iPhone this week (from the 3 to the 5) and now I have Instagram! (ddscottromcom) What I love about connecting with peeps via Instagram is that it’s another fabulous way to get to know people, simply by sharing images. It’s a more intimate, behind-the-scenes way that I can share [...]

Writing Life: It’s Summertime, and The Writing Progress is Sloooow

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I sat down at my computer with a mission – to write this post. But I just spent the last 15 minutes surfing the web… checking email and Facebook, pondering the weather forecast and wondering whether the rain is going to cancel my son’s swimming lesson. This seems to be the story of my writing [...]

Authors: Do You Take “Breaks” from Your Self-Publishing Careers and How Does That Affect Your Readers?


Happy Monday, WG2E-Land! Yesterday, we chatted about one of the ways I use to chill out for a bit while running my self-publishing business…Pinterest. Even though I’m using Pinterest as downtime so to speak, I’m still connecting with readers while using it. And that got me to thinking about chilling out in ways that – [...]

Authors: Chill Out and Connect with Readers using Pinterest


Happy Sunday, WG2E-Land! Many of you have asked me “What do you do to chill out?” These days, I chill out and recharge my muses on Pinterest. Yep, I’m totally Pin-dicted!!! And what’s so cool about using Pinterest in this way is that, at the same time, I’m connecting with my readers in a very [...]