The WG2E’s “Best of The Best”: Self-Publishing for Beginners

Happy Monday, WG2E-Land!

Y’all asked for a Best of The Best series of post, so here we go…

Here’s a list of WG2E Posts/Resources that are perfect for all of you who are just beginning your Indie Epublishing/Self-Publishing Journey. In other words, your first Ebook is ready to be published, but now what? How do you publish it?And what do you do after that?

1. Susan Kaye Quinn’s Self-Pub Basics (Part One of Four): Where to Publish

2. Indie Epublishing: A Beginner’s To Do List

3. Use our WG2E Resources Page and our E-Experiments Page

4. When Building Your Brand…Think “People Connect with People”

5. Use our new WG2E Categories Guide to quickly find info on any Epublishing topic you need help with (it’s now on the right side of our home page)

6. Use our WG2E Search feature (on the top right side of our home page) to find even more information on just about every self-publishing topic imaginable

Okay, WG2E-Land…it’s your turn…let us know The WG2E Posts that you’ve bookmarked that have helped you the most…and please share the link(s) in your comment.

The Best of The WG2E Self-Publishing for Beginners Wishes — D. D. Scott

D. D. Scott is an Amazon and Barnes and Noble Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Comedy and Humorous Mystery Author. She’s also a Writer’s Go-To-Gal for Muse Therapy and Indie Epublishing, the Co-Founder of The WG2E- The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing, and the Founder of The RG2E – The Reader’s Guide to E-publishing.  You can get all the scoop on her, her books, her Online Classes and Live Workshops, plus juicy tidbits too from her new cyber home…D. D. Scott-ville.

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  1. Sibel says:

    Great info, DD! I couldn’t find the categories guide yet, though. Am I missing it? :)

  2. Great post! Sibel, I saw the categories–they’re further down on the page.

  3. Tamara Ward says:

    The posts that have helped me the most are the success stories. Here’s a link to a post by Gemma Halliday talking about indie writing success.
    It’s so encouraging to hear about authors finding writing success!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      I luuuvvv this element of The WG2E too, Tamara!

      Nothin’ beats Writers Helping Writers Reach Readers…by sharin’ how they did it!!!

      Speaking of which, we’re always looking for Indie Epublishing/Self-Publishing Success Stories. So, if you’re starting to see your sales increase, volunteer to let us know what is working for you! (You can email me at dd(dot)scott(at)live(dot)com with your post, and I’ll get you scheduled.) :-)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, DD! Coincidentally, I’m running a new series this week, called Indie Business Talk! The first post is today, Setting Up.

  5. Melisa says:

    I enjoy you blog so much. It’s a must read for me. Some I skim, if too busy don’t read. Never with your. Never.

  6. Julie Day says:

    I earmarked the post about making a business plan. And I love hearing others successes and how they do, esp yours, DD. Look forward to reading Susan’s new series of posts. My sales seem to be taking off on SW again. Earnings are rising again. Yay.

  7. Rena George says:

    This blog just keeps on getting better. Thank you so much, DD, and all the gang.
    I’ve used your wonderful categories’ section so many times to check up on promotional advice.

  8. SK Holmesley says:

    I’ve already used the categories guide several times. This is my go to site for how-to reference. I love you all. Thanks so much.

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Sure thing, SK! And cheers again to learning how to use each platforms categories!!! Especially now that Amazon has taken away its tagging feature, categories are golden for discoverability.

  9. Thanks for the great list, DD! I’ll be sharing it with my writer’s group. :-)

  10. Gonna borrow some of your great ideas for your Creation Story. Thanks, D.D. for always lending a helping hand.