I thought it might be fun and super informative too if, on this page, we listed some of the fabulous Indie Epublishing and Business Tips we’ve come across along our Indie Epub Journeys.

So here we go:

1.  ”Marketing isn’t done to the product…marketing is the product and vice versa.” — Seth Godin, Purple Cow

2.  ”Find the niche market, then make the Purple Cow product for it – not the reverse.” — Seth Godin, Purple Cow

3.  ”Know your Blind Spots.” — Bob Mayer, Write It Forward

4.  ”Marketing is about sharing your excitement over your book, not selling it.” — Bob Mayer, Write It Forward

5.  ”Think like the receiver [of your message].” — Bob Mayer, Write It Forward

***Note: For writers, our receivers are our readers.***