Tips for Using Barnes & Noble’s Pub It

About Barnes & Noble’s Pub-It

Pub It of  Barnes & Noble is B&N’s own Epublishing platform which is the equivalent of Amazon’s KDP.  There are a few key differences, however.  For example, the Pub It royalty rate for authors is set at 65% of the sale price for titles priced $2.99 and higher. The rate drops to 40% if the price of your book is less than $2.99 or more than $9.99.

There are additional limits:

B&N has set $.99 as the low and $199.99 as the high in their book pricing policy.

Pub It offers written support and guides you through the process from their help center.

The process of publishing via Pub It is easy:

Creat an account, upload your manuscript and cover art.

Your manuscript will automatically be converted to ePub, the most widely recognized format for ePublishing.

That’s all there is to it.   Click here for more information on Pub It.