Welcome to The WG2E!

Welcome to The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing – or as we call it The WG2E – your destination site for Everything E-publishing.

I’m Romantic Comedy Author D. D. Scott – plus The WG2E Co-founder – and the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of MUSE THERAPY: UNLEASHING YOUR INNER SYBIL.

Along with Co-founders Tonya Kappes, Misa Ramirez, aka Melissa Bourbon, and L. A. Lopez, we’re thrilled to be your new, go-to-source for Everything E-Publishing.

So why are we here?  And why did we create The WG2E for all writers, regardless of genre?

Our mission at WG2E is this:

To be every writer’s destination – regardless of genre – for everything E-publishing and to help writers reign over the ever-changing E-business-end of their creative empires.

The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing (WG2E) is your destination website for practical and real information about E-Publishing romance, mystery, and everything else.  We share what we’ve learned – the good, the bad, and the ugly – including the stats and the real numbers.  Our goal is to do a lot of the legwork for you, to keep you informed, and empower you as you embark or continue on your own publishing journey.

We keep it positive, and we keep it real.  We are writers, navigating our way through the rapidly evolving world of E-publishing.

We’re Paying It Forward.


Because we’ve had help, too, along our rapidly changing E-pub roads.  Help from such Go-To-Guys as J. A. Konrath of A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing.

Like Joe (aka J. A.) has done for the Mystery, Thriller and soon the Sci-Fi genres, we wanted to do for all genres.  Joe created a go-to-source for all-things-publishing-in-general.  We’ve created the go-to-source for all-things-Epublishing.

To that end then, here at The WG2E, you’ll find:

  • E-Experiment’s We’re Watching
  • Breaking News in E-publishing (including articles and other hot topics)
  • Resources to help you navigate your own E-pub journeys, including but not limited to:
    • Formatting Resources
    • Cover Art Designers
    • Industry Resources
    • All-things-Amazon
    • Kindle Mania
    • Tips from the trenches (‘cause we’ve been there done that and are tellin’ ya all about it)
    • The REAL Numbers (yep…we’re even sharing our sales numbers with you)
    • Our E-Books, plus other E-Books We Adore

Not only will you want to subscribe to our Feeds, you’ll want to join our Mailing List too for our Quarterly Newsletters as well as Special News and Updates.

At The WG2E, we’re on the ever-changing edge of topics like:

  • Using the Term Indie-Pubbed vs Self-Pubbed
  • How Much Do Covers Matter in E-Publishing?
  • How Writer’s Goals Must Change w/the Ever-Changing Publishing Industry
  • An on-going series of posts regarding the “Real” Numbers, and an analysis thereof
  • Agency Pricing (9.99-11.99+) with a 7-30% (40% if u r lucky) royalty vs. Using the Much-Debated Kindle Price-Point of 2.99 (where you can buy three books for less than one agency priced) and Make 70% Royalties Paid Monthly vs. Paid Twice Per Year
  • Putting Blogs Up on Kindle for 99 Cents/Month
  • How To Categorize Your Releases on Kindle to Max Your Chances of Making Amazon’s Bestseller Lists
  • What Is a Kindle Nation Daily “Push” & Why Y’all Need One
  • How Sales Dramatically Increase on Days You’ve Found a New Audience (whether by increasing Facebook & Twitter friends and followers or guest blogging, teaching a class, etc.)
  • Small E-Press Success vs. Indie Publishing the Amazon DTP Way
  • E-Book Promo Ho-ing vs. Working Traditional Publishing Marketing & Publicity “Corners”

So add The WG2E to your Favorites and join us on our Everything E-publishing Adventure.

Leave your comments right here about where you’ve been on your writing-for-publication journey and what kinds of information you need to know for your next turn.  We’re right here for you and are ready to Welcome You to The WG2E!

The Best of WG2E and E-Publishing Wishes —

D. D. Scott

Tonya Kappes

Misa Ramirez / Melissa Ramirez

L. A. Lopez

P.S.  Beginning Monday, we’ll give you a peek into “why” each of us are on the E-publishing Road…in the mean time, check out the site as well as the sample posts, including our fabulous preview of the Real Numbers we’ll be sharing with you!!!

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  1. Jane says:

    Hi, just letting you know the two links at the end aren’t working!

  2. D.D. Scott says:

    Thanks bunches, Jane, and Welcome to The WG2E!

    Happy New Year!

    And here’s to a ton of Paying It Forward in 2011- The WG2E Style.

    WG2E Wishes — D. D. Scott

    P.S. What Everything Epublishing info would you like to see here at The WG2E?

  3. Jeanne says:

    I love your new website!!! It’s so cool! I’m really looking forward to all of the new info. coming our way from you gals. Thanks for all you do!

    • D. D. Scott says:

      We’re tickled to have you here, Jeanne!

      And you’re more than welcome for all the info and Epublishing scoop! It’s time for a destination site like this where all writers/authors can go for Everything Epublishing…including The Real Numbers.

      All of us here at The WG2E are honored to Pay It Forward by sharing our experiences!

      The Best of WG2E Wishes — D. D. Scott

  4. Pamela Mason says:

    Hi All! I’m excited about your new site here!
    When I started this writing journey 2 years ago, I aimed for epublishing, but so much confusing information just put up a stopgap. Plus, there is still a prejudice against targeting epublishing vs. looking for that piece of real estate on the book store shelves.
    Well, I’m over that.
    So… here I am. I’d love to see info on where to find QUALITY epub’s; how to evaluate their ‘fit’ for MY work, their outreach, publicity, support, contracts; how to combat the attitude that epub’d doesn’t really count ( have a feeling the eReaders will eventually change that); target audiences for epub’d work (YA, women’s fiction, erotic romance… thanks to tech savvy teens & privacy of eReaders, those have already seen a jump in sales).
    Bring it on!

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Mornin’, Pamela, and Welcome to The WG2E!

      We’re here for you and your Epublishing Journey, and we can’t wait to share everything we’ve learned with you!

      I think you’ll find that the entire “attitude” regarding Epublishing is changing faster than any of the naysayers can comprehend. They’ve got a choice, IM(Not So)HO. And that’s either get on the Epublishing Wagon or get runover. And that’s not being harsh or meant to be harsh…that’s just shootin’ it like it is!!!

      So hang-on, Pamela, we’re ridin’ into the future of publishing with you!

      And we’ll get to all of the fabulous topics you’ve mentioned!

      Welcome Again to The WG2E — D. D. Scott

  5. Jill James says:

    Hi ladies, great site. Can’t wait to look around and see what you got. Konrath is my hero, I don’t care what anyone says. :p

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Welcome to The WG2E, Jill!

      I’m right there on luuuvvvin’ Konrath with you!

      And as Tonya said, The WG2E is about giving y’all the info you need to decide if indeed Epublishing is for you and your writing career goals.

      It’s time we all faced facts, and like I proposed in my Real Numbers Preview, Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the traditional publishing wall and cracked his greedy arss on the pavement constructed of his past traditional publishing, p-poor business practices.

      The WG2E — well, we’re the new Humpty Dumptys — and boy are we ready to build the Epublishing Wall and help y’all climb on up and sit with us!!!

      The Best of The WG2E Wishes — D. D. Scott

  6. As a newbie author myself, I am definitely interested in keeping my eye on this site. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.