WG2E’s Real Numbers: The Victorine Method (99 Cent Price Point) Rocks Over the Moon!!!

Happy Monday, All!

If me and Humpty Dumpty could jump over the moon with that amazing cow, we sooo would be!!!

The results of my 99 Cent Price Point Experiment – now known as The Victorine Method according to the KindleBoard dedicated to it – are in!  And what a super-success story it is!!!

Here’s the scoop:

February 17, 2011, I dropped the price of Book One in my Bootscootin’ Books Series – BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS - from $2.99 to 99 Cents.

Since then (in just ten days), I’ve sold 100 books!!!

Take a look at some of my sales statistics:

1.  Within 1 hour of the 99 Cent price being live on Kindle, I’d doubled my BOOTSCOOTIN’ sales (as compared to the first 17 days of February) from 6 books sold to 12 books sold.

2.  Within 8 hours, we’d tripled sales.

3.  We’ve now gone from December monthly sales of 27 books (i.e. less than 1 book sold/day)  to a January record (thanks to my Kindle Nation Daily Push) of 108 books sold (3 books sold/day) to a new high in February of 10 books sold/day since the 99 Cent price took effect 2/17/10.

4.  Our sales rank for BOOTSCOOTIN’ hit a new high of 4,031…coming from a rank of 33, 203.

5.  Big surprise here too…sales of all our Bootscootin’ Books have dramatically increased, not just the 99 Cent book!  I’m finding that not only are readers buying the 99 Cent book, they’re buying the entire series! 

6.  My “customers who bought…also bought” section on my Bootscootin’ page now has 34 screens with a ton of fabulous 99 Cent books sold with mine, including many in the top 1000 and top 100 ranked books.

I’m attributing my Victorine Method success to a few things besides the price drop as well…for example:

a.  I’ve really hit the KindleBoards hard, and have met sooo many new and fabulous readers that way.

b.  I told you Saturday about my Amazon Kindle Facebook Fan Page Butt-Chewing to Gold Mine experience.

c.  I’ve continued to Facebook and Tweet about all my 99 Cent Adventures and really promoted other fabulous authors I know who are in the middle of their own Victorine Method Experiments – like the wonderful Bob Mayer, the always out-there and amazing J. A. Konrath, my 99 Cent Go-To Queen Victorine Lieske, and new to the Indie Epub experience international bestseller Barry Eisler (who just entered the ring with his first Indie Epubbed title at $2.99 but was sooo worth the cyber boosting promo partnership).

d.  I also used this too-terrific sales pitch with all my postings about the price drop…I told my readers how thrilled I was to be able to introduce them to my Bootscootin’ Books Series for less than a trip to the dollar store.  Then, I let them know how tickled I am to then be able to treat them to the entire series for less than the cost of one paperback book at a brick-and-mortar store.

So yeah, wow has The Victorine Method sooo worked for my Bootscootin’ Books!!!  I’ve increased my sales by something like 560%…no typo there… a five hundred sixty percent sales increase since the night the 99 Cent Price went live on Kindle (2/17/10) thru my writing this post the evening of 2/27/10.

And for that reason, and because I just luuuvvv all the new readers and fans I’m getting to know thanks to this new 99 Cent Price Point, I’m going to offer Book One in my new Cozy “Cash” Mysteries – THUG GUARD – for 99 Cents when it releases this coming May!!!

Let me know all your Victorine Method Questions, and I’ll see if I can answer them or point you in the right direction…

The Best of The WG2E Wishes — D. D. Scott

P.S.  Oh, and  yes, my royalty is only 35% at the 99 Cent Price versus 70% at the $2.99 Price…but the key with the price drop is that your volume can sooo outweigh the at first glance what appears to be a loss in royalty.  In other words, I’ve more than made up in volume what I would have made selling at the higher royalty percentage.  Because why?  I simply wasn’t selling the volume at the higher $2.99 Ebook price.

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  1. D. D. Scott says:

    Readers like our beloved Dru are indeed a treasure!!! (waving to ya, Dru :-) )

    I can’t believe what all I’ve learned from all my fabulous new readers and fans!

    And you’re sooo right, Tonya, they tell you exactly what they want. What interests them. And what doesn’t. What prices they’ll buy. And what prices they won’t support.

    I’ve learned more from readers and fans in the last couple weeks – regarding our products/books themselves and how to get them to our audiences – than I’ve learned from our “industry” of writers and pubs in ten years. And that’s not an exaggeration! That’s the complete truth!

  2. Ruth Harris says:

    DD, that’s just great! Could you please tell us more about how you used the Kindle boards? Which ones did you visit & what approach did you take?

  3. Misa says:

    I just hate that it takes SO much time and effort to promote a book! Where’s my magic wand when I need it?

    But since it IS so much work, I’m thrilled to be experiencing the ins and outs right here. Very interesting stats, DD. When A Deadly Sacrifice is re-released, come end of March, I may look into this pricing.

    • D. D. Scott says:

      It does take time to promote, Misa, but I’m finding that what truly matters is “where” you spend your time.

      Time is most valuably spent when you’re finding new audiences, new readers and fans and getting to know them.

      For example, I’ve replaced all my RWA Loop time with talking to readers. I’ve learned an interesting lesson…which I’ll do a full post on soon…but here’s a hint…

      Authors and industry people aren’t our primary customers, readers are! That’s where our time should be spent. And quite frankly, I’ve also learned that readers are much smarter than the industry is on showing me where my promo time should be spent.

      Readers “get” it. They know what they want to buy, where they want to buy, and how much they want to spend.

  4. Dru says:

    Thanks guys! I like that you guys are listening to readers. And I’m especially excited that the first Cozy Cash Mystery will be under a dollar. Don’t you just love that you can buy a book for under one dollar? I do. I also like that I can buy books for under five dollars as well.

    Congrats on your numbers! You are truly a marketing guru.

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Dru, you always make me blush but then jump for joy too!!!

      I’m just sooo glad I’ve finally figured out where all the beyond fabulously smart people are when it comes to marketing and promoting books…it’s with the fans and readers. It always has been, but I’m afraid “the publishing industry”, for years, has gotten in the way of that very basic fact.

      And LOL, Dru, I luuuuvvv buying anything for under a dollar…and it just feels fantastic that I can treat you, and all my fabulous readers, to a book of mine for under a buck…and then, what’s more, I can give you an entire series of books for less than the cost of one paperback at a brick-and-mortar store. Plus, you can treat yourself to my books from your favorite chair, while still in your slippers and jammies…perhaps with a cocktail or cocoa on the table next to you.

      Luuuuvvvin’ our new publishing world!!!

  5. L.A Lopez says:

    Great news D.D, with the way things are going, with gas predicted to up as high as $5 a gallon, in Cali, it’s already almost $4. 99 cents makes a lot of sense, and will be very attractive to a lot of folks out there, including me.

    • D. D. Scott says:

      It is great news, right L.A.?!

      And teeheehee…thanks to Ereading, we don’t have to feed the pockets of the oil and gas billionaires to buy our beloved books anymore!!!

      Oh, and thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, we can advertise for free via Facebook!!!

  6. Jeanne says:

    How awesome are those numbers of yours!!! Congrats!! Guess it makes a lot of SENSE for 99 CENTS!! I’ve read ALL of your books, D.D., & they are fun to read, with a great storyline for each one!

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Thanks sooo very much, Jeanne!!!

      Sooo tickled to hear you luuuvvved The Bootscootin’ Books…and LOL…it does make a ton of “sense for cents”…might have to borrow that tag-line. LOL!!!

  7. Congratulations! I love to hear when people learn to let go of preconceived notions of the value of their product and let the market tell them what it is willing to pay. You’d be surprised to know how many people, many with business degrees, fail to grasp this simple concept.

    • D. D. Scott says:

      Thanks sooo very much, Mark!

      Today’s new publishing world is all about “learning to let go of preconceived notions”…and you betchya that price is sooo one of those notions to be re-conceived.

      Thrilled to have you here at The WG2E too!!!