You Can’t Do That! Oh Yeah? Watch Me!

TGIF, WG2E-Land!

With my next non-fiction release ready to hit cyber shelves across all platforms in just a couple of weeks, I thought I’d let y’all in on why this book is sooo important to me and to each of our Indie Epublishing Journeys.

Sharing the book’s Dedication should clue y’all in to the message I want this book to send to each and every one of you working your ass off on your very own Indie Epub Yellow Brick Road to Publishing Oz…

To all the people who repeatedly said:

“You’re f-in’ nuts, D.D.”


“You’ll never make it…Why don’t you just quit and get a real job?”


“That D.D. is bat shit crazy. She needs help.”

It’s because you pissed me off, screwed me over and kicked me each time I’d failed yet again that I got back up…every damn time…and finally made it big-time.

Thank you for always being there to say:

“You can’t do that…”

Because that’s what gave me the balls to respond:

“Oh yeah? Watch me!”

And to my Dad and my DH who are the only two who believe in me always and never stop encouraging me.

They truly “get” that I am just crazy enough to make it work.

The idea for this book began in December 2011, on my cell phone, during a big ‘ole bawling-like-a-baby session with my dad.

Why my dad?

‘Cause I’m a total Daddy’s Girl and proud of it.

Why the big ‘ole bawling session?

Because I’d just hit Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Books List – for the second time, hit Barnes & Noble’s Top 10 Bestselling Books List plus became their #1 Bestselling PubIt Book, and made Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List – also for the second time…all in the same week!

Actually…I achieved all of this within a 24-hour time span!

Okay…yes…that’s over the moon superfab, right?!

So, why the hell was I crying?!

Because my dad was crying too when he said:

“Congratulations, Pumpkin. You did it! And it only took you 10 Years and 24 Hours to Succeed.”

Yep…thus the big tears flowed for both of us to damn near
flood-stage levels.

And the basis for this book was born.

#   #   #   #   #   #   #

First, let’s put “success” into perspective as it certainly does mean different things to different people.

For me, it means reaching hundreds of thousands of readers with great books for great prices and keepin’ ‘em laughin’ out loud and comin’ back for every book I release.

How do I know if I’m successful by those standards?

The Answer: My Book Sales

Speaking of which…

Did y’all know that 95% of published authors sell less than 1000 books?!

And that statistic is an industry-wide estimate, meaning it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re Traditionally Published (by one of the Big Six Publishers – Harper Collins, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Macmillan or Random House…and I’d lump-in St. Martin’s Press and Harlequin too) or if you’re, like me, and Indie Epublished.

Ninety-five percent of published authors only sell 1000 books.

I did NOT want to be one of those authors!

Why not?

More on that later…but here’s a hint…most of those authors don’t get a shot at publishing Book Two, at least not if they’re only Traditionally Published.

And I wanted to publish more than one book. Hell, I want to keep on publishing books till I’m not of sound mind and/or health to do so.

And yes, I suppose I should remove the sound mind qualification because after pursuing my writing-for-publication goals for now almost thirteen years, I’m just shy of being a total lunatic.

So what does “success” look like for me…in book sales?

Less than two years since my debut release BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS hit cyber shelves the world over (August 2010), I’ve sold over 100,000 Ebooks. And that debut book, which is Free (much more on that later), has been downloaded, all on its own, over 150,000 times!

My books have appeared over 300 times on International Bestseller Lists (last time I added ‘em up), including:

*** Three times on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Books List(the paid list and BOOTSCOOTIN’ BLAHNIKS hit the #1 Free Book on Amazon)
***Two times on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List
***Barnes & Noble’s Top 100 Bestselling Books List
***Barnes & Noble’s Top 10 Bestselling Books List
***Barnes & Noble’s #1 PubIt Book
***Hundreds of Bestselling Lists within Genres (examples: dozens of times on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Humor List between superfab funny ass peeps like Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, Shirley MacClaine and Jennifer McCarthy)
***Numerous appearances as both Amazon and B&N Hot New Releases in Humor and Mystery
***Dozens of appearances on Apple’s International Bestseller Lists for Romance and Mystery

I’m not sharing my “success” with you to brag. Not at all.

I’m sharing it with you to hopefully inspire you to continue on with your Indie Epublishing Journey regardless of where you’re at on that journey.

You see…here’s the thing…

My “overnight”/24-Hour success actually took me over 10 Years to achieve!

That’s right…10+ years!!!

Ten plus years of workin’ my ass off (okay…I wish weight loss worked that way…I’d totally be a “skinny bitch”…but anyhoo…). Ten plus years of writing more than fifteen novels. Ten plus years of learning everything I could about the publishing industry. Ten plus years of networking with industry peeps. And ten plus years of falling flat on my face and ass, crying over spilt almond milk, then picking myself up, only to fall again…and again…and again.

My secret…

I got back up!

Every damn time!

And I still do!

Every damn day!

I’m also a huge believer in the adage “You create your own luck”.

In other words, if y’all want your stars to align, then first, you gotta toss ‘em up into the sky!

And no worries about that action plan…you’re not alone in your star-tossing adventures.

In fact, throughout this book, I’m going to help you find and/or create your own stars then together, we’ll toss ‘em up into your publishing journey sky.

I didn’t build my constellations of success by myself either. I had a lot of help along the way. So, I’m thrilled to be able to pay it forward to all of you.

Like we say here at The WG2E:

“Nothin’ beats writers helping writers reach readers!”

I know how to successfully reach readers and build quality, very-rewarding, long-term relationships with them. And in this book, I’ll share my secrets to doing just that.

So, that said, get comfy, open your mind and heart – cause it takes both of those too in this business to succeed – and let’s begin to build your very own Indie Epublishing Empire.

Oh, and the good news is that perhaps with my tips, it won’t take you…like it did me…

10 Years and 24 Hours to Indie Epublishing Success

The bad news, it might.

But who cares how long it takes?

If you follow my tips, tricks and tidbits, you’ll still have a damn good chance of getting there.

How are we going to get YOU there?

I’ve broken down the book into Six Parts:

Part One: The Twelve Mantras of The Indie Epub Journey

Part Two: You Can’t Do It That Way! Oh Yeah? Watch Me!

Part Three: The Dark Side of Indie Epublishing

Part Four: Readers Rule

Part Five: Predictions for The Future of Indie Epublishing and Publishing in General

Part Six: The Beginner’s To Do List and Extra Scoop

I just can’t wait to share my Indie Epublishing Success Story with u…


10 Years and 24 Hours!!!

The Best of Indie Epublishing and WG2E Wishes — D. D. Scott

P.S. It’s Your Turn, WG2E-Land: While I’m finishing up the final edits for this book, I thought I’d ask y’all to toss out in our comments section today anything you’d like for me to cover about my journey and that way, I can make sure I haven’t left anything out you’d like more scoop on…

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Great post, D.D.! Congrats!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Thanks bunches, Jeanne!

      There’s superfab synergistic fuel in both my successes (and flops :-) ) that I’m sooo thrilled to pass on to other writers traveling the Indie Epub Road and/or considering that journey.

  2. Julie Day says:

    I can’t wait to read this ebook, DD. You are an inspiration to all us indie authors out there. It sounds as though you have covered all the things I want to know about the journey. You have inspired me to keep going and that it does take time to become a success, so I am not going to keep worrying about my sales (over 4000 free downloads of my first YA fantasy now, 27 free samples of second one, and 4-5 bought from Amazon and counting). After reading your Muse Therapy, I decided to do one thing that you have done – write a book about what I like doing and that is writing reader letters to magazines with their details in. Oh, and another recent success for me is that I will soon be featuring on the Slimming World website as one of their successes (I have lost 10 pounds doing their food plan). Onwards and upwards, I say.

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Yayyy, Julie…I’m over the moon to hear Muse Therapy has got you thinking about some terrific new ways to welcome peeps into your Creative Kingdom! U Go, Girl!!!

      And Congrats on your superfab sales!!! Way to begin your Indie Epub Journey!!! Well done!!!

      For me, it is all about:

      Writers Helping Writers Reach Readers with Great Books for Great Prices

      It just feels sooo good to know I’m inspiring you to continue to reach for your dreams.

      Again…U Go, Girl!!!

  3. Adan Lerma says:

    “open your mind and heart – cause it takes both of those too in this business to succeed” -

    gotta love it ;-) and with such tenacity, glad you’ve done so well and are sharing it with us d.d. ;-) thanks!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      U betchya, Adan! :-)

      And it definitely takes both our hearts and our minds to make it a long-term journey on the Indie Epub path.

      I’ve got plenty of tenacity to share with y’all too! Cheers to that, my friend!!!

  4. Lois Lavrisa says:

    Congratulations DD! Wonderful:)

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Thanks so much, Lois!

      I’ve hit a bunch of rather large potholes on my Indie Epub Journey so I’m tickled to be able to help y’all avoid those nasty puppies and keep on cruisin’ to your own Indie Epublishing Oz.

  5. My admiration for your energy, hard work, productivity and generosity could not be any bigger.

    I learn very useful ideas from you all the time. Congratulations.

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Awe-shucks, Consuelo…thanks sooo very much, my friend!!!

      What thrills me most is making my readers laugh and then paying it forward to all of you and making my readers your readers too!!! That’s the kind of synergy and sweet serendipity me and my muses thrive on!!!

  6. Congrats on the new nonficiton. Regardless of publishing, I love hearing success stories!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Thanks bunches, Laura!

      And I hear ya on studying success stories…I read a ton of memoirs and business books from successful peeps and try to adapt their ideas with my twists to our Indie Epublishing World…for example, Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and Patrick Hanlon’s Primalbranding.

      • Julie Day says:

        Will have to check those two ebooks out now, and read those. Like you, I am reading lots of nonfiction ebooks about being successful and getting ereaders to you.

        • D.D. Scott says:

          These books will definitely help you begin to think in very out of the box ways which can really boost your Empire to totally new levels!!!

  7. Soon after deciding to self-publish about a year ago, I started following your site and am grateful for the advice and info. shared every day! Thanks so much. I don’t doubt this new book will be a huge success for you. Keep up the great (hard) work!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Thanks sooo much for the sweet shout-out, Stacey!

      One of the huge joys I get outta our Indie Epub Journeys is sharing each and every day with all of you.

      The WG2E has become my “therapy” too!!! :-)

  8. Great post, congrats. I too was told, ‘you can’t do that’ now I hear ‘how’d you do that’! I am so grateful to you for all the inspiration and laughs, encouragement and kicks in the butt you give all of us. I know this book will be a big success!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      I just luuuvvv what you said right here, Elizabeth:

      “I too was told, ‘you can’t do that’ now I hear ‘how’d you do that’!”

      Ain’t it the superfab truth, my friend?! LOL!!!

      Laughs and kicks in the seat of the pants are my specialty, and I’m thrilled to share ‘em with all of you!!!

      Thanks bunches for the sweet message!!! U rock!!!

      • “Laughs and kicks in the seat of the pants are my specialty, and I’m thrilled to share ‘em with all of you!!!”

        So true! I’ve got your ‘Watch me!” Bitchy sign posted right by my desk!

  9. Jamie says:

    Great post DeeDee! I’m so looking forward to reading this. If it’s anything like Muse Therapy, I’ll get a ton of great, useable information out of it!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      LOL, Jamie…think of it as “therapy” for the business side of Indie Epublishing…whereas Muse Therapy handles the writing and craft side.

      You are gonna totally luuuvvv this one too!

      It was sooo much fun putting this book together for all of you!

      I would LOL while typing out some of my horrid bumps in the road…and it felt sooo damn cathartic to actually be able to laugh about ‘em now…’cause, yeah, at the time, I sure as hell wasn’t!

      It also feels great to know that perhaps I can keep all of you from making the gargantuan mistakes I did, but also give ya the boost to try the things that have been success magic for me!!!

  10. Ruth Harris says:


    Sounds typically DD! Which means, creative, entertaining, energetic & totally fabuloso! Yay for you!

    Since you asked for input & since I haven’t read your book yet, I’ll suggest 2 items you’ve probably covered: 1) Invest In Yourself & that means Time & Money 2) Avoid Writer’s Masochism (see my post on this fraught subject here:

    I also have a bit of good news to share this AM: MODERN WOMEN is now in the top 100 at Amazon at #71.

    • D.D. Scott says:

      Gotchya covered on your two requests, Ruth!!! :-)

      Thanks sooo much for all your superfab support and sweet messages!!!

      And WooHooos all-around for making Amazon’s Top 100!!! I’m reading DECADES now and can’t wait to get to MODERN WOMEN too!

      Go, my friend, Go!!!

  11. Congrats on your awesome success!! And thanks for sharing everything (including the book) with us. :)

    • D.D. Scott says:

      You are so very welcome, Susan!

      If I can inspire y’all as well as save u some of the heartache and disappointments I’ve had then I know I’m on the right track!!!

  12. Congrats, D.D.! Well deserved!

  13. Great post, D.D.! Can’t wait to read your new book. I’ve been reading this blog for the past year and a half and have found it an invaluable resource on my indie journey. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Debra, and can’t wait to share the book with you too!

      There is so much synergy created by all of us sharing our Indie Epub Journeys and learning from each other.

  14. Congrats, D.D.! You sooooo deserve every one of your successes. And you’re the very person to write this kind of book because you’ve been sharing, teaching and cheering on other writers throughout it all. Who knows how long it would’ve taken me to brave the Indie pub waters without your support and encouragement. You’re an inspiration, Girlfriend!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      For me, Alicia, it is all about cheering each of you on and giving you the tools to create your very own Indie Epublishing Empires by showing u how to treat readers to great books for great prices.

      And y’all inspire me every day to keep doin’ more of the same plus mix it up a bit too! :-)

      Thanks sooo much for the sweet comment and for all you do to share this kinda luuuvvv too!!!

  15. Congrats on your success and upcoming release. You truly are an inspiration, DeeDee. I’m so thankful I found you and your website about a year ago. I started reading, actually devouring, all your wonderful advice long before I started commenting and getting involved. You and the WG2E Street Team have given me tons of support and courage to take the indie route. Thank you for all you do! {{{hugs}}}

    • D.D. Scott says:

      And I’m sooo thankful I’ve found all of you here at The WG2E, Rhonda! We’ve truly become a wonderful community of very supportive writers!!!

      I’m tickled beyond pink to be sharin’ this kinda from-the-heart good will and scoop to help each of you along your own Indie Epub Journeys.

      Thanks very much for the sweet message and for all you’re doing too to share our love of Indie Epublishing and Writers Helping Writers Reach Readers! :-)

  16. Thanks for sharing your journey with us here on the blog. You always encourage other Indies, and we all need encouragement no matter where we are on our journeys. I’d say your heart is as big as your success ;)

    I look forward to the book.

    • D.D. Scott says:

      You’re sooo right, Toni, in that “we all need encouragement no matter where we are on our journeys”. Well said, my friend!

      It is all about having the heart to truly Pay It Forward.

      I totally believe the English Proverb “You’ve got to give to receive”, and, in fact, I talk a great deal about how I’ve used that principle straight from the core of who I am to build my readership base.

  17. Oh boy, DD, I love reading this type of book from authors just like you. Now I’ll just sit here and drum my fingers for the next two weeks while I wait for you to finish and release it so I can buy and read it! Yippee!!!

    • D.D. Scott says:

      LOL, Sheila…you’re the best! Thanks sooo much, my friend!

      I devour these kinds of books too! I’ve read John Locke’s, Scott Nicholson’s, HP Mallory’s, Bob Mayer and Jen Talty’s, Konrath’s, both of Kristen Lamb’s and will read David Gaughran’s next.

      These kinds of books along with business books like Godin’s and Hanlon’s are what I rely on most to create techniques that just might work for us in our Indie Epublishing Journeys.

  18. David Slegg says:

    Way to go, D.D.!!

    Congrats on all your success!